Tracy (traecrochet) wrote in bad_service,

update to the best buy fiasco

I don't know if you guys remember me, but I was the girl who had the laptop problems and sent it to the Best Buy service center not once, but twice. I just thought I'd update you guys on what happened. Finally, on January 20th, Best Buy decided that it wasn't worth it to fix my laptop and junked it. They gave me credit equal to the amount of the laptop and I was able to purchase a much nicer model cheaper than what I paid for the last one. This time, however, I did not get the service plan. I found out that there was is a Toshiba certified computer place about 20 minutes away from me, and if this happens again (I did get another Toshiba, because even though the other one did go after only 2 years, it was still a good laptop) I will go directly to them.

Best Buy has redeemed itself in my eyes.
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