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Inappropriate Comments (not bad service but more WTF)

I have 2 separate food service WTF's to share. I'm not upset by these things which happened a relatively short time ago (compared to some other posts) These all happened within 2009 or very late 2008. I do not get offended easily -- so instead they made me LOL - blush furiously and lol, but lolz all the same. But to over sensitive people these places may be bad service. Guess it depends on the person. My reason for sharing is so some other people can get some lolz. And so easily offended folks maybe might want to stay away from these places (although one has since shut down.)

Episode One:
Place: QuakerSteak, Hermitage PA original branch.
What Happened: I was out with my boyfriend enjoying a nice dinner. I can't exactly recall the reason off hand but I'm sure it was a special occasion, because I had decided to order some drinks this night. I can count on one hand the number of times I consume alcohol per year, and even fewer the number of times when I'm completely totally drunk off my arse. But this means that when I do drink alot/enough to get drunk I end up making a fool out of myself. This was one such time. We easily spent over 80 bucks in food and drinks between the two of us. So our waitress was pretty attentive being that she expected a nice large tip. Towards the end of the meal as she is bringing us some boxes/check seeing if we wanted dessert or what have you, she says (rather loudly) to my boyfriend "Boy it looks like someone will be getting lucky tonight!" I about died (I'm a very shy person). I guess she thought I was too drunk to notice? I was pretty dang drunk. I was bursting out into giggling fits throughout the later half of the meal, giggling for like 15 minutes straight at times, and I think a couple of times the waitress commented on my "giddyness". When she brought the bill she made another comment like "I'm sure she's worth it though, right??" to my boyfriend O_o; Looking back it has brought me many lols. I'm able to lol at myself for probably being incredibly drunk and at the waitress for making such bold, inappropriate remarks.

Bonus Episode 1.5:
Place: QuakerSteak, Cleveland Area
What Happened: We had ordered drinks last week to celebrate my boyfriend getting a new position at work. However upon receiving the bill, the two drinks we ordered contained no alcohol and were just regular lemonade lol. alcohol fail. lol. I kinda knew and commented to my boyfriend but the drinks were still good even without the alcohol. So I didn't complain ;p saved me some monies I did hehe.

Episode 2:
Place: Cici's Pizza Hermitage PA (since closed for unrelated healthcode violations O_o;)
What Happened: My friend had come over on the spur of the moment, and during her visit she said she needed to pick up a few things at walmart, so I didn't really take much time to "doll up" or anything. Thinking we'd be back home in 15 minutes or so. I leave the house wearing a tshirt, jeans, and no bra. But friend hadnt eaten lunch and suggested while we were out that we go get cici's (right next to walmart at the time) I was like sure w/e, let's go. We go in (for those who don't know it's like a pizza salad bar. you serve yourself in an open kitchen environment. As I go up and get my pizza, the manager there engages in small talk "Hi, how's it going?" I'm shy so I meek out a "good thanks, how're you (or how's business or something to that effect). He replies and then asks "And how's mario doing today?" (I was wearing a mario tshirt) and I being shy laughed and mumbled "He's doing good too thanks" and he was like "That's good, just bouncing around today, huh?" O_o; WTF...... Ok so I admit it's partially my fault for not wearing a bra, but being the manager you'd think they'd have some self reserve? lol. Not that it offended me, but it did embarrass me a tiny bit. (because i'm incredibly shy and self conscious sometimes - especially around menfolks.) I went back to the table with my food and my friend was laughing her ass off cuz she heard him and seen how red my face turned lol.
Tags: *restaurant, ^wtf, bra banter, defensive much?, it came from the internet, sometimes you have to wonder if it's you, you gotta speak up
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