Sammie (fish_are_icky) wrote in bad_service,

Worst Restaurant service in the world??

I don't remember the name or location of this restaurant but I will NEVER forget the experience. My husband and I were in London, England and having just arrived we were starving. It was supper time and the only place near our hotel was a little pizzeria. So the choice was easy, and in we went.

I suppose we should have taken a hint when a large group of asian tourists were fuming off and one was in a shouting match with one of the staff. Something about smoking but we figured we're non-smokers anyways so it didn't concern us.

Just so you know, we are both quiet, shy, passive people. Im sure things would have gone very differently if we were more assertive..

Anyways, the group left and were standing there waiting at the 'wait to be seated sign' and the waitress turns around and sits at a table and pulls out her book.. completly ignoring us.
Giving her the benefit of a doubt (maybe she was stressed about the argument and didn't notice us), we waited a minute, Discussed how hungry we were, coughed...etc. Eventually She gave us the must disgusted look and then kept reading her book. Finally, my husband asked if we should seat ourselves. She let out a huge sigh/grunt and grudgingly pointed at a table and said "just sit there" without getting up.

So we go and sit there, and wait a couple minutes. The waitress still hasn't moved. I ask this time if she is the only waitress on duty (Maybe she was just on break?). She gave me a nasty look and finally got up. She comes over and said "What do you want?". We still hadn't gotten menus, so I asked if we could see them to decide. She stomps away and then litterally throws them down on the table saying "Here! What do you want?". We ask if we can look through them for a minute and then let here know. She responds with "Fine, whatever." and goes to the back kitchen area.

So we look through the menus, choose something out and wait..and wait..and wait. Half an hour passes and she still hasn't come back. At this point were FINALLY thinking about going and catching a tube to some other area and finding a different restaurant when she comes back.
"do you know what you want yet?" We order and she leaves.
Another 20 minutes and she comes back with the food. Not exactly what we ordered but we don't think it would be worth adding more to the situation. As she's leaving we ask for some water too. SHe ignores us and walks back to the kitchen.

She comes back abouit 3 minutes later (We hadn't even finished half our meals) and says. "You need to pay now". We ask if we can finish our food first and she says that no, we need to pay right away. My husband gets up and goes to pay as I keep eating.

When he comes back to sit down, she runs over and grabs our plates. We were obviously still eating it, I was poking another piece with my fork! And she takes them away. I told her we were still eating and she ignored us. She just pushed on through to the back and closed the door.

She actually added on her own tip to the bill..We didn't notice this until after.

It was BY FAR the worst experience Ive ever had with any service. Brutal!
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