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tech support

I own an imac g5, its pretty cool, I like it.

However, I also own an ipod touch, I reformatted my windows machine a few days ago and I had a bunch of stuff I was working on, the trouble of backing my stuff up was a thing of the past when I realized I had an ipod touch with a hefty ammount of space, "I could just back up my stuff to that!" I said with much enthusiasm. I looked on the internet and saw I needed to enable disk usage mode in itunes, having trouble trying to do this is what led me to call apple support.

I'm on the phone for like 30 minutes waiting for a represenitive, I finally get on and talk with him, for some reason he thinks my name is derrick, I'll run with it because I just want to get the stuff backed up.

Finally we get to talking and  he tells me "well the ipod touch and iphone dont have this feature" which is fucking lame in itself because you would think the brand new ipods and stuff with all the features, they would at least have this.

I'm pretty bummed out about it on the phone, finally he asks me "do you have windows or mac?"

since my mac is being fixed I say "Windows"

"well you should have gotten a mac"

I flip shit

"Well you see I actually do have a mac but the harddrive on it is busted, so I sent it to you guys, I would have replaced the harddrive myself but it's a tour de force of bullshit so I figured it would be easier if you guys did it for me"

"why didnt you take it to an apple store?"

"because I dont feel like driving an hour to GO to the nearest apple store, then having to drive another hour back, and when its eventually fixed, driving two more hours to pick it up".

honestly, is it that big of a deal that I use windows? its an ipod, he could have just told me that they aren't able to do that and just had that be the end of the conversation, but I get the feeling that he wanted to be the smarmy jackass and throw in that extra "WELL IF YOU GOT A MAC I BET I COULD HELP YOU MORE CAUSE YOU SEE MACS ARE AMAZING"

I dont care about that, I just wanted my 300 dollar piece of hardware to do the same thing that a 50 dollar piece would.
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, literally sitting on the phone, say my name say my name, tech support
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