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Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ FAIL.

I love amusement parks. I love love love roller coasters. I also love my bf to death and we decided to spend our two year anniversary at the Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. We drove over 4 hours to get there when gates opened, on no sleep, and the majority of our day went well. We got the passes that allowed you to schedule a reservation in line basically.

This option was GREAT to get on Kingda Ka . It was our last ride of the day ( i really needed to work my way up to it. I mean i LOVE roller coasters, but going from 0-128 MPH in less than 3 secs terrified the crap out of me, not to mention the mind numbing 45 story vertical drop.....)and for as scared and worked up as i got myself it was a great bonding experience with the love of my life. We both screamed like we've never screamed before and as soon as we got back in the station we decided to get one of those photos you can purchase at the end of the ride. Kingda Ka is cool in that i believe it take 3 photos of you, 1 after take off, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.

We get in the "line" that had collected around the kiosk and tried to locate our photos. We couldnt , but stayed in the line as it moved forward, finally when i reached the window the lady looks at me and tells me i need to go to the back of the line! What?! No, i was in line behind this person . To which she proceeds to tell me that i was not and i cut all these people in line ( complete lie... btw). Not only did this lady tell me to move in line, but every other person i went to said the same thing. At this point ( about 1/2 an hour after our ride) I'm bawling my eyes out in a mass of people. People are pushing me all over the place and calling me a liar and all i wanted were my pictures to remember my 2nd anniversary. By the time i was FINALLY able to get someone to help me ( after they helped NUMEROUS people who rode LONG after us) they couldnt find our photos.Needless to say i was devastated,I was ready to drop some bucks but the chicks at the kiosk were too busy flirting/ being bitchy to help me out.

My bf took me home after that. It was a horrible way to end our anniversary.I've never been to an amusement park where customer service was THAT bad as well. Telling your customers that they are lying and making them step out of line so you can flirt with the hot dude behind them is not cool. They had the opportunity to make that day one of the happiest days of my life, and instead i'm stuck with the memory of shitty service given by extremely rude people....

( And just to say this before people get snarky i wanted these pictures because they'd be a reminder of a beautiful day with my love, and riding Kingda Ka. The roller coaster is seriously a life changing ride. It was the most terrifying experience i've ever had, but it was really one of the most liberating thing i could have done by over coming my fear or heights and and vertical drops.... if you ever go to Six flags in NJ you should really try riding it....)
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