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web hosting fail

I will start off by saying I am not a web designer by any shape of the imagination. I am a lady with a website to help promote my little dachshund rescue. Someone gave me a copy of Microsoft FrontPage years ago and I managed to figure out how to muddle a series of pages out of it. I know Microsoft has discontinued the program because it really wasn't very good but it is what I have. I have looked a new programs and the ones that are really good and easy for a novice to use are expensive...like many vet visits or a months worth of dog food expensive (I feed very expensive food). So I continue to use it since my hosting service still claimed to support it.

Now to this weeks adventure. Monday I update my site. Have new dogs in and some adopted so it needs changing. Go to upload to the website...sorry your frontpage extensions (what it needs to upload from the program) are not installed...huh. Ok so I go the website and reinstall them. (It lets me reinstall them - repeatedly - and says they work - this is important later). Still no go. No go on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday. In the past it has taken a day or so to reset properly if for some reason this setting got shut off. I am reinstalling the settings numerous times each day hoping it will take. So today I finally have time to go to live support. "hey folks why wont this work right?" their answer...they got hacked a ways back (not thru my site but via holes in frontpage security stuff) and moved my site to a server that did not support frontpage. Did they bother to tell me...NO! Did they turn off the setting so when I went to the website I would know something was wrong....NO! Would the control panel used to access my account set up not have removed the button that says "use frontpage extensions" or have it disabled...NO! Would it maybe not say "extensions successfully installed" if they were no longer supported them...NO! And when I called them on it I got a "lecture" on why frontpage was bad and Microsoft was evil and I should know better than to use an outdated program...etc etc. When I told them I couldn't just drop and change software they said well they could move me to another crappy old ready to die unsecured server in a few days... a few days not even today. But I would have to find a new program because when that server died I would be out of luck.

UM guys in a few days I will be loaded on a secure web server with a different hosting company that has told me I can continue to use and be supported using FrontPage until I can change to a better program. We talked about it on the phone this morning when they called to welcome me to their company. They wanted to make sure that any questions I might have were answered before I had a problem. Its their belief that customer service matters. Oh and to boot they are about 50% cheaper per year than my old hosting company.
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