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This incident happened a few years ago to my dad when he decided to upgrade to a big fancy tricked out truck with all the bells and whistles. (extended cab, full bed, seat warmers, running boards ect.) After going through the usual car dealer nonsense and settling on the price and everything, the dealer informed my father that it would take a few days for the truck to be fitted with some of the extras that my father wanted. And that's when the BS starts...

A few days go by and the dealership hasn't called about the truck. So, my father gives them a call and they say that his truck isn't ready yet and they will call him when it is.

A few more days go by and still nothing. So he decides to go down to the dealership to ask them directly where his truck is. He gets there and they tell him his truck still isn't ready. He is getting kind of annoyed that it is taking so long because he is supposed to be moving in a couple of weeks and doesn't really have time for getting the run around. He asks to speak to the service manager and he tells my father that actually they can't find his truck, and that if he can wait a couple more days they are sure that can have it sorted out and ready to go.

He gives them the benefit of the doubt and waits a few more days for his truck to surface but still no call. He goes to the dealer yet again and demands to speak to a manager. The manager still insists that they can't find his truck.

My dad decides to take matters into his own hands and take a look around at the service bays. Lo and behold, a truck that looks exactly like the one that he ordered... the only thing is that the whole rear right side is smashed in.

He goes back in to the manager and takes him to the truck in the service bay. My dad asks the guy repeatedly "Isn't this my truck?" and the manager insists that its not his truck. My dad decides to take the paperwork with the VIN number on it to verify that the messed up truck is really the one he ordered. And what do you know? The numbers match! The manager was still standing there insisting that the truck was not the one that my dad had ordered and that his truck was still lost. So, my dad finally has had enough and he hands all the paper work back to the guy and says "You're right, that's not my truck"

We found out later that one of the service employees backed into the side of the building with the truck. My dad probably would have still taken the truck if they had just been honest about the whole incident from the start.
Tags: bizzaro, car/truck sales

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