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Not a huge suck, but still irritating.

So a couple months ago during Winterlude, we were down at the canal and one of my buddies remembered that he had to go meet friends of his at a pub downtown. Asked us if we wanted to join, and since we were getting pretty chilly at this point, we were all down for a drink and possibly food. So off we go.

Service was fine, if not kind of on the slow side for the fact that the place was nearly empty since it was after the dinner rush and before the bar crowd, (8:00, three tables of two other than our table of four, and three people who were waiting for the rest of their party, and told the waitress this three times.)

So around 9:30, it starts picking up, there's a sorority function that night so people are slowly piling in, and our waitress comes over to let us know that she's going to bring the bills, and we'll have to pay for the rest of our drinks as we get them. Which is fine, because my friend and I wanted to be gone by ten, and since she did say "bills" we were like, oh great, she's going to split them, didn't even have to ask.

Then she comes back with the bills and that's when the trouble kinda starts. It's nearly ten at this point, still not super busy, and we never did figure out why it took her almost half an hour to come back with three bills for the four of us. I still don't get why she didn't just bring the bills when she came to tell us she was going to. Seems to me that would have been faster.

So we look at the bills. Hm, something's a little off. We assumed she was going to split things by the person who ordered them. Nope. I, who only ordered a (single) beer, and food, had my beer, my food, and then a third of a pitcher. Two of my friends had each bought a pitcher and were splitting it. Logic says that they would have each had a pitcher on their bill. Uh-uh. One had a pitcher and a third on theirs, and the other only had a third of a pitcher (and their food.) So we're sitting there trying to figure out how to split stuff so that no one owed anyone money after, and she comes back. It's been two, maybe three minutes at this point. So she asks us if we're ready to pay. My friend turns around and is like "No, actually --" only to be cut off by the waitress who snapped "fine" and immediately spun on her heel and took off.

She'd been going to ask if she could re-do our bills at all, but since that didn't seem to be an option...we were just like screw it, and paid what was on our bills, me paying mine, and the other two basically just pooling their money. Its about 10:30 by the time she finally comes back again, only to be confused by the fact that she had $60 (or whatever it was), to split between two bills, and was like "Okay, so it's $__.__ from $60?" to which my friend was like "Yeah."

Then she put the money in her like, fanny pack thing, and left. No change, nothing. I think at that point we were just so tired and annoyed we didn't even bother being like "Uh, excuse me?" because we didn't want to deal with her anymore.

*and to clarify before someone jumps on me about tone, the "no, actually -" clearly sounded like there was more, and there was a pause after the no.
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