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Bad Service: Airline Edition.

As you know if you've ever been on a plane, airline service is the absolute WORST. I've been on several different airlines and hundreds of flights before, and I can tell you, American Airlines is the absolute worst of ALL of them. Up next is Southwest, closely followed by Continental and British airways.
But on my many flights, I do have some HORROR STORIES about their customer service.

On British airways:
We are about to take off and I am slouching in my seat a little bit. I'm not even really slouching either, just not sitting PERFECTLY STRAIGHT-BACKED. Stewardess lady comes by, and in a horribly condescending tone says, "Excuse me, sit up straight please!"
She then presses the button on my chair to make me sit up and tightens my seat belt far tighter than anyone should have it.
I cannot even believe it. As soon as she walks out of earshot, my dad leans over and says "What a b*tch!"

Of course this is nothing in comparison. There's a reason American Airlines is first on my list of worse customer service and British Airways is 4th.

On American Airlines:
People are entering the cabin and a short, old woman is struggling to get her bag into the overhead compartment. She turns to the stewardess and (very kindly) asks if she would please assist her. The stewardess replies, (honest to god I cannot make this up) "Honey, you packed it, you lift it." and immediately storms off.
The other passengers are all looking at her in disgust, and luckily a man steps out of his row to help the woman with her bags.
Honestly, I can't see how someone can act THAT RUDE and not be fired.

Not to mention I have never had a flight on American Airlines in which they HAVEN'T lost my bags. They arrive weeks later by delivery truck. We have learned.

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