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Keep your attitude away from customers.

Alright some background info:
So I work at Market Basket (a New England based grocery store chain) in the customer service desk. So we basically handle any problems that the front end assistants make, and assist the customers. Obviously we hear constant complaints that the customers have about their service   they recieved, which being only 18 myself, know can be quite rude, the store is full with 16 year old snobby chicks, and teenage "gangsters", who find it quite difficult to bag groceries appropriatly.

Anyways! On to my story.

So there was one day my friend/co-worker were in the booth (Customer service desk) when the assistent, (we'll call her "Bitch" just to be blunt) comes over with a rather obviously upset women in tow and says something along the lines of..

Bitch: This woman's card isn't working, and I don't have the groceries because her daughter decided to take the cart out before the order was paid for.
Woman: Well...I didn't know I wasn't allowed to...
Bitch: Well there supposed to stay in the store so we KNOW they get paid for.

So I cut in and say I'll take care of the problem, the lady who is upset doesnt understand why her Market Basket card (you need one of these to write checks) isn't working. We used to be able to just type the customers social into the computer for the card number and it would go through. Recently for some reason corperate decided this is a dumb idea, and wants people to have their card with them for ANY purchase they make. The lady is now in tears because while bitch was explaining the issue to me, she's pretty much yelling it. She doesn't know how to talk in that "Inside voice" we're all taught in like what? Kindergarden? Anyways the woman is horribly embarressed because it makes her seem like she has no money in her account. 

So the store manager comes down and helps calm the woman down, and mean while, Bitch decides that she is going to come over like every 15 minutes and in a very bitchy tone asks whats being done, my co-worker kindly tells her that once the transaction was brought here it isn't her buisness anymore and she can go back to doing her job. We get the lady all sorted out and her things paid for, while she stands there embarressed and in tears. She finally leaves and then thats when the daughter comes in.

I didn't see the daughter until i hear screaming. She's about an inch or so away from Bitchs face screaming at her telling her she's a cunt, and a fucking bitch because she had no right to make her mother cry and she better learn some customer service techniques because she's essantially a nosey, loud mouth bitch and needs to be fired and die. 

I'm listening to this, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Along with my co-worker because pretty much everyone in that store can't stand her. She eventually got talked to by the store manager after he recieved an extremely angry call from corprate about how they got a compaint about her. He tells her that this is her last chance and if she gets one more complaint she's gone, and she better keep her attitude in check...blah blah blah

The worst part? She got corperate called on her again because of her attitude apperently she still has "One more chance" Ugh.

I personally was appauled at the way she spoke to this woman. The woman was nice and she didn't have any snide remarks, which you would expect after being treated like that. But I'm still pissed that Bitch still has a job. We could deff. do without the hoe.

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