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I do not want food. >=|

My class went on a trip. This trip was paid for before we left, restaurants included.
On our last night before we returned home, we were going to eat at a rather fancy French restaurant which I cannot remember the name of. When we arrived, we were seated and given a small menu. Since we had already paid, we only had a selection of chicken, pork or pasta. Three of the four of us decided on pasta, while the other wasn't feeling well (she couldn't go back to the hotel), so she didn't want any food. The waiter came with water, and proceeded to take our orders. When he got to my friend, she told him politely that she didn't want anything. He scoffed, rolling his eyes and said "It's already paid for, just pick something." She again told him that she didn't want anything, only for him to become agitated with her, raising his voice and telling her to pick. She repeated herself, and this is what comes out of his mouth: "Just pick something, Goddamnit. Why the hell are you arguing so much if you have laryngitis?"
My friend doesn't have laryngitis, and never has. Her voice just sounds very scratchy, and it cracks a lot. She tells him she doesn't have laryngitis. He laughs, and says "Yeah, whatever. Just pick something to fucking eat."
She ended up just getting pasta.
All of our pastas came cold.
When he came back to get our plates, he turns to her and says "Why didn't you eat that?" She replies, yet again, saying she didn't want any food.  He laughs, saying "That's a fucking waste," and leaves.
He never came back.
Tags: *restaurant, dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated, disbelieving horde demands proof
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