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The bill is where?...

So, once upon a time...last June to be precise...I was on a vacation with my boyfriend and some close friends (basically family, so lets just call it that.) We had gone to Orlando to spend 10 days in Disney.

We were staying in a family friend's condo for the week to save money. So, the people we were with have been to Disney LITERALLY 33 times (my friend Kim is only 24 mind you (we were with her, her fiance and her parents))

So, they kept talking about this awesome restaurant {insert name here} which is a cute 50's themed burger/shake/malt joint.

So, thinking this shall be a swell experience, we go. Now, let me add as a side note, its about 10pm (this place is open late for truckers and late tourists), and we are all VERY tired from our day spent in Animal Kingdom. So, theres 7 of us (6 adults, 1 baby). We are seated promptly and see that its very quiet that night. There was only one other couple sitting down. 

So we sit and up comes our waitress who takes our drink orders and walks off. In come another group of 3 and sits down. And we wait....and we wait....and we wait. FINALLY after about 15 minutes here come the 2 cokes and the orange soda and the child's milk. She takes our food order and off she goes.

Now we wonder...there are 4 more people waiting for drinks...2 waters and 2 shakes. We see our waitress helping at the new table. We inquire very politely as to where our shakes and waters are. She apologizes stating that the person who runs the shake machine isn't on so it's going to take a bit of time. Okkayyy..... another 20 minutes goes by and being over tired, everything is funny to our group (including the waitress's hair which looked like 2 poodle ears framing her face). Our shakes come...but waters? The waitress THEN tells us that  they are out of clean glasses and asks if take out cups are okay. Kim (the friend) asks why the waters can't be in the shake glasses. The waitress stares at her dumbly and walks off. My boyfriend then makes a crack asking "what, is no one working the well tonight?"

Here comes our food... there goes 2 clean glasses to the other table...and here come the soda refills (which we had to ask TWICE for after spending 10 minutes trying to get our waitress to come over) and FINALLY waters. One in a takeout sippy straw cup...and the other....IN A GLASS!

So, we eat...with some minor mess ups to the food but no one cares cause we are irritated to the extreme now. We finish and we are waiting...and waiting. Waitress comes, takes away the plates....and we wait more. So finally we ask for the bill as the waitress is running by. She stops in her tracks, smirks like we're stupid and says "Pbhht! The bill! Is that what youre waiting for?! Hah! It's under the napkins!"

She then proceeds to lift a stack of napkins she had brought with the milkshakes, and lo and behold...there is the bill. Not split like we had asked...but all together in one. When we asked if she could split the bill for us, we were told we had to do that at the front register.

Needless to say, we were all very aggrivated...and it was about 12:30am now. Kim's tip? Nada.... her father's tip? "be a better waitress" boyfriend was the only one who felt bad enough to leave her a tip... a whole 3 dollars lol.

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