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     This happened on Mother's Day at Pappadeux's.  My family and I took my mother out to eat to celebrate.
     For starters, the waiter never brought us the complimentary bread.  When he brought our drinks, one of the glasses actually broke while he was handing it to my sister (we think that it had just come out of the dishwasher hot, and they cooled the glass too quickly, causing it to break.), spilling it all over her dress and her son's baby blanket, and getting glass in the baby carrier.  Instead of having staff come over to help clean up, the waiter just tossed us a couple of extra linen napkins, and gave us nothing to scoop up the ice into.  It was only after we asked him to take the broken glass away that he removed it from the table.
     After we had finally gotten a new drink for my sister, and some people from other tables had given us their napkins to try to dry off my sister's dress and baby blanket, our waiter came back to take our order (still no pre-meal bread.)  As I had my gallbladder removed in November, I still can't eat too much spicy food, so I ordered the small portion of the Mahi Mahi fish, unblackened.
      Well, of course, when my food comes out, there the fish is, blackened with Cajun pepper.  It takes us several tries to flag down the waiter, as he keeps running off without asking how the food is, and tell him the order is wrong, and that I can't eat it.
     He says, "Well, we can have them cook you another one, but it's going to take awhile."
     I answer that that's fine, I just can't eat what they've given me.
     So everyone else finishes their meal before mine comes out, finally correct, and I have to rush to eat because everyone else is ready to go.  When the waiter brings the ticket, I've been charged six dollars more than what I should have been, and I tell the waiter so.  He has the manager come out to our table, and he says to me, looking at my ticket, "I don't know what's incorrect here."
     I tell him, "The meal is six dollars more than what I ordered.  I ordered the small portion."  (Because there's no way I could eat the large--that's almost an entire platter of fish, and like I said, since I had my gallbladder removed, if I eat too much at one sitting, I get sick.)
     He says, "Well, I don't know what to tell you, because when I recooked the meal, I gave you the large portion."
     I said, "I don't care what you gave me; that's not what I ordered."
     So, after several more attempts by them to tell me that since I had eaten the large portion (yeah, right!) they finally brought me an adjusted check, but then they tried to charge my sister full price, which she was upset about, because, after all, her white dress was stained, and she had to pay for the dry cleaning.  She told them that she would send them the dry cleaning bill.  They cut her meal--and only hers, not her husband's--bill in half. 
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