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So I guess you don't want visitors?

Sooo. New to this thread. I just wanted to share a little something that happened to me and some friends a couple of months ago.

I'd gone with my class on a one-week trip to Nice, as my main subjects in school are french and art (both of which fits Nice perfectly) and one of the days we went to see some of the city's museums, and our last visit was at the Chagall Museum. Mind you, we went through hell getting to the place so we were already pretty aggravated (we were basically stalked up a hill by some deranged french person who threatened us with a blunt object and screaming incredibly nasty things at us. He'd escaped a mental institution or something). Anyway, that wasn't my point. It just made the experience at the museum much more annoying, because we were tired and all a little on edge. When we got to the museum we had to basically find a suitable Chagall painting and sit down a draw a rough draft of that painting in order to use it for an appointment for art-class and french. So we all found a picture and got to work. Some of us sat on little benches in front of the pictures, or just stood against a wall or the likes. Now the staff at the museum hadn't said anything to us using pen and paper when we first started drawing, but after roughly half an hour they told us all to pack our things and move. We were just DRAWING. I don't know what the rules were at that museum cause no one had bothered to tell us. They were no signs that said 'no drawing' or 'no sitting on the benches' or even 'no looking at the pictures for an extended period of time'. They'd told us to not use blitz when taking pictures of the paintings, which we respected. We were allowed to take PICTURES, but not draw? What? It got even weirder when one of the guards told one of my classmates to leave because she was wearing a hat. Seriously? What, she can't see the paintings alright with a hat on, is that it? You just told us to leave because we were LOOKING at the paintings for more than five minutes. I mean it's not like we sat on the floor directly in front of the pictures, we weren't taking up much space, and there were hardly any visitors in there to begin with apart from my class.

The whole thing just weirded me out. We weren't loud, we didn't take up space and we didn't litter. So, what?
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