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Jennifer Jayde

Fun with rental cars!

I travel quite a bit for business, but usually stay in my state. This requires renting a lot of cars. I use Enterprise, because they have a 50% off Weekend Special, which suits my business needs perfectly. In fact, in the past year and a half, I have rented from them about 16 times. Loyal customer? You betcha.

I go to the same branch for my rental needs everytime, and everyone there knows me. They know I need a car with an aux input, they know I travel within the state for business, they say hi when I come in. I've seen employees come and go. Part of the family, you would say.

The service at the branch started going downhill when one girl was promoted to another branch. This left their branch manager, we'll call him "Ed", completely in charge, without a scapegoat. I always book in advance, but I would go in, and there would be no cars available, so they would have to send me to another branch. OR they would find a car, but it would be DIRTY. Mud on the outside, sticky stuff on the center console, dirt on the floors, funny smells. I commented once, because I'm not one to raise a stink, and the guy went in, wiped the dash with a cloth, smiled at me, and said, "OK, there you go! Completely spotless!" Not so much, dude.

Which leads me to the part that I think would be considered "bad service" as the rest is just plain laziness. On my way to the southern part of the state (I live in the southwest, lots of dirt and desert, a rock flew up and hit the windshield of the rental car. DING! Ugh. But it's ok, I've got insurance through my company, and the guys at Enterprise know me well, so it shouldn't be a huge issue, right?


When I took it back, I showed them the windshield, gave them paperwork on who to contact at my company, and said a few different times "Please DO NOT charge my credit card. It's a company card and a completely different department. This is the contact number for who to call for our insurance. If you have a problem, call me, I'm always available. But PLEASE do not charge my card."

You know where this is going, yes?

The next time I went in to rent a car, I asked about the ding, as I hadn't heard anything. Ed said it must have been taken care of, if they hadn't contacted me yet. Well that's great! Just remember, Ed, don't charge my card, especially without telling me. No problem.

Three weeks ago, while I was reconciling my company credit card charges, low and behold, a $250 charge from Enterprise. So not in my budget. Now, I just had to replace my windshield on my own car, and it cost a whopping $130, so not only was I confused about the amount, but that they charged my card without notifying me, without authorization, and after I told them at LEAST 5 times not to do so. Yes, they needed to be paid for the windshield, and I did not dispute that, but that particular card could not be used for that purpose, and all they had to do was call me. They didn't.

SO I call up Ed. We're buddies, right? "Hey Ed, it's me. How are you? Awesome, but hey...remember that ding in the windshield? Yeah, my card was charged..." He said that he would look into it and call me RIGHT BACK. I was clear I needed it handled right away. Company card and all. Deadlines. "Oh yeah of course, I'll call you right back." He never called me back. I left messages. No phone call. Still hasn't. Yesterday, there was a random credit on my card for $65. No one called to tell me they were doing it, no one called to explain why the card was charged that I told them not to charge. Nothing.

And the cars I get from said branch are STILL dirty.

I'm switching branches, starting tomorrow. I've already told my new branch what happened at the old, and he was shocked that someone who rented so much wouldn't be treated better. Common sense.
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