Katy Leigh (katyofcourse_xx) wrote in bad_service,
Katy Leigh

Why is your uncle still employing you?

Just what I needed - a place to rant about the crap service I got yesterday! Hooray for features!

Quick background: A local Italian restaurant's primary location is right down the street from my 11th/12th grade school. We've off-campus lunch, and it's very popular amongst the student body.

Yesterday was the final day of the band's start-of-summer marching camp. In between music rehearsal and marching rehearsal, we had time to go eat something so we wouldn't pass out during marching rehearsal. My best friend, Jessica, and I decided to eat there yesterday. After Jessica and I had seated ourselves, the band kids started flooding in: a group of 3 girls came in, which was followed by a group of roughly 8 people, which was followed by 2 guys.

Now, this restaurant is family owned, and someone I believe is the owner's nephew was on duty yesterday. The restaurant is walled off in such a way that there are three general eating areas. Jessica and I had seated ourselves right next to 2 friends of ours that were already there, and the new guy, who was in charge of our section and the section next to it, came over to give our friends their checks, who promptly went to the counter to pay and then left. He then went over to the OTHER section he was in charge of to give menus to and get drink orders for the group of 3 girls that had come in a few minutes after us... And then he went back behind the counter. Jessica and I were like... "Uhh, excuse me?" and waved him over. He came over, looking VERY annoyed with us, and asked if there was something he could help us with. We told him we needed menus and could he please take our drink orders?

After rolling his eyes at us, he went and got our menus and got our drink orders, which were both just waters. After taking our drink orders, he went and refilled the drinks of the 3 girls. By this time, the group of 8 had arrived and seated themselves in the back section, which was being manned the owner's oldest daughter. She promptly took all their drink orders, and then our server decided to help her fill them and take them to the group's table before bringing Jessica and I our waters.

He finally brings us our waters and takes our orders after sorting out a mistake at the girl's table. The group of 2 guys has arrived now, and they sat at the table directly next to us. Our waiter, very promptly, brought them menus and took their drink orders. He then brought out the food for the table of 3 girls, who had arrived after Jessica and I, and again refilled their drinks. About 20 minutes later, Jessica and I finally get our food - which, thankfully, was correct - and then about 5 minutes later, the group of 8 starts getting their food, closely followed by the 2 guys getting their food.

Oh, and we'd only had those single glasses of waters this whole time, by the way. He never refilled them. We waved down the girl in charge of the back section and asked her for refills, which she promptly brought us, along with profuse apologies for us not having refills sooner.

So to simplify - Jessica and I waited for nearly an hour for 2 waters and 3 slices of pizza between the two of us. The group of 3 girls got their sodas and food in about 20 minutes. The group of 8 got their drinks right away and started getting food within 15 minutes, 20 max. The two guys next to us got their food and drinks within 15 minutes. All three groups came in after us.

WTF. I'll not eat there when he's on duty again. Only his extraordinarily helpful cousin that works the back section for me. <3
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