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Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~

USPS...Can suck it.

Hello all, Noob here! I've been going back and reading a lot of the stories here, and MAN, can I relate with one in particular.....

So a few months ago, I received a 2nd notice(PICK UP YOUR PACKAGE OR WE'LL BURN IT) type thing in my mail box.
Well I sure as hell hadn't received a first notice, so I call the PO and reschedule to have the package(I never knew was there in the first place) delivered to me the next day.

Tomorrow comes and goes, and I don't receive my package. Now, I wouldn't have been so worried, but the notice I had received the day before, said that if I didn't claimed my package, it would be returned in 2 days.

I call the next morning right as the PO opens, and the guy goes in and is all. " Oh, here it is,They must have forgotten to give it to the carrier, I'll give this to the mail man right now, so no worries."
I cancel my plans and stay home To make sure I get the package....4:30(yeah the mail comes that late) rolls around, and...NOTHING AGAIN!.

So I call the PO and someone answers and I complain. Said person goes to see what happened, and sure enough, there's the package on the guys desk still.

The lady has the nerve to tell me to just " COME PICK IT UP"
I told her, I will, but that I shouldn't have to, because I had asked several times for this to be redelivered, and that no one had even sent me a 1st notice before that 2nd one.

Anyway. I get my package, and open it....It's moldy...Yes...Moldy. Turns out where ever the PO was keeping it, had moisture.
I was furious, but the PO wouldn't do anything about it.
Lucky the girl I ordered the product from was nice enough to replace it.

I wish I could change where my mail comes from, believe me. *sigh*
It's really bothersome, not to mention this mail carrier refuses to bring the packages to my door, He'll leave me a notice saying he tried to deliver it, but I wasn't there. Bull hockey. I was home all day,and I have a dog. I would have heard him. (my dog is 1/2 pit, she barks... At EVERYTHING!)
This said mail carrier also doesn't come till like 4:30-5pm, when the other one (the one I like) will come, at the latest 1pm.
I would complain..But it wouldn't do me any good.
Tags: postal service
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