Mas Borracha (mysupernova) wrote in bad_service,
Mas Borracha

BJ's Brewery

I'll keep this short.
Picture this:
Group of friends, Friday night, busy restaurant. I tend to make allowances for service when it's busy, and don't have too high expectations. We order, the foods comes, for everybody else but me. It's okay, it'll be out shortly. Wait. Wait. Wait. Okay, I'm starting to get irritated, server approaches, asks if everything is okay, I'm sorta pissed so I say, "well no, I haven't gotten my meal", she goes away, comes back with my meal and...get this...says "Happy now?"
OMG I wanted to cut a bitch.

It was years before I went back. And when I did (just for drinks, it's by the theater) the bartender so TOTALLY won me over. And I ended up mentioning my experience to her and she had the manager come by and he chatted with me and gave me his card.

So, all's well that ends well. But still.
Tags: *restaurant
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