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I was at Wendy's about a month ago and I always got their Spicy Chicken Wrap. Well I got my wrap and noticed it looked at bit funny. My husband said it was probably just a lettuce stain, so I took a bite and it tasted weird. After looking at it, I noticed there were quite a few of these lettuce "spots" and went up to the counter. I told the lady that I believe there is mold on my wrap, and she proceeded to basically call me a liar and went into the back. Wendy's is a pretty open concept store, so I could see what they were doing, and they looked at the bag of wraps and threw the whole bag out. The lady came over and apologized, but still wouldn't admit that there was mold on it, even when I asked what was wrong with it, until I straight out said "I saw you throw out the bag, was there mold on it?" Then she finally admitted there was.

She gave me some free food and tried to basically get my away from the counter as quickly as possible. I was so grossed out and upset I didn't really do anything about it.

The worst part is that she called me a liar, when I was right, and then wouldn't admit she was wrong until I pulled it out of her, and just the fact that the person who made my wrap obviously didn't take the time to look it over (which would have taken a whole three seconds). I've worked with wraps before, and being in a moist environment, they tend to go bad a lot quicker than the date, so you are expected to check them. Heck, you are really expected to check any food you are serving.

I haven't been back to that Wendy's and I am never getting a wrap from any fast food store again.
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