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Gas Station Service WTF

Lurker, poster, blah blah blah.

More of a WTF moment than an actual fail, but still noteworthy. 

I had to go fill up with gas this evening, so I drove over to my local Mac's store to fill up. (It's close, they give me a few cents off, I didn't feel like heading to Superstore for the sake of a few Superbucks--normally, I would never bother to get gas at a convenience store). I pull up to the pump, and there's a sign, requesting customers to prepay inside after 6 PM. Okay. Fine. Whatever. It's a bit of an annoyance, since I hate dealing with apathetic convenience store dunces, but I need gas. 

So I go inside, hand the guy my debit card, and request, "30 litres on pump 3, please". So he types something in, swipes the card, hands me the PinPad.

There's a charge for 30 bucks on the screen. Now, gas is on the sign outside as being 92.4 cents a litre, so...no. That's not right. I hit cancel and hand the pad back to him, saying, "I need 30 litres, not thirty dollars worth." I know exactly how much my tank needs. I pay 30 dollars, I'm going to be overpaying.

And he stares at me like I've grown an extra head.

I stare back, kind of uneasy, and repeat. "I just need 30 litres of gas. Can you figure out the price and charge me that?"

Nope. apparently he can't, and my suggesting it seems to have invoked a third head.

So I sigh, regretting not bringing my cell phone into the store, and say, "Do you have a calculator? I'll figure it out myself."

...apparently, he has no idea what a calculator is. He motions over his co-worker. They mumble something about me wanting 30 litres of gas. she gives me this huge stupid customer-service cheesy grin and says, "Yeah, 30 litres, that's...30, 31."

Now I'm staring at her like she has two heads. At 92.4 cents a litre? 30 litres is NOT going to cost me 31 dollars, tyvm. I sigh and shake my head, and inform them so, and repeat my ask for a calculator. 

Still nothing. Idiot #2 stands there, obviously trying to look like she's doing math in her head, and repeats the "30, 31" quote. 

How about a piece of paper and a pencil? I'll figure it out myself. 

They both giggle nervously, then Idiot #1 tells me to just go outside, fill my car, and come back in to pay. 

Now, maybe I'm crazy, but if a gas station wants you to prepay...wouldn't it make sense for them to have some way to calculate how much a tank is going to cost? Gas prices are yoyoing up and down right now...I don't memorize exactly what a fill is going to cost me for every possible per litre price, and I doubt many others do, either. So why on earth were these two bozos looking at me like some sort of alien because I was asking for a calculator? 

Like I said, not necessarily bad service, but...WTF? It just irked me. 

EDIT: For clarity's sake. 

When I saw the charge for 30 dollars, not an amount proportional to 30 litres at 92.4 cents a litre, I asked the clerk what would happen if I used less than 30. I was informed that they couldn't refund it, and that I should just change my amount to reflect the price of the amount of gas I wanted. Which is where this ridiculousness with the lack of either calculator or pen and paper came in. It wasn't that I was expecting the cashiers to simply know what the price was--I just had the slightest expectation that, being a gas station where prices DO change so often, they would have the means to figure it out. 
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