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Harvey Norman Customer Service

Love the idea for this community. Finally we all have the chance to rant properly about the terrible customer service experiences we've had!

Store: Harvey Norman

Sells: Electrical, Computerware, Software etc

My Complaint: Returning a graphics tablet that would not work at all

So after about two hours of kicking and screaming and yelling at my computer because I could not get my new graphics tablet to work, I decided it was time to return to Harvey Norman and get my money back, or at least exchange it for one of the better brands.

First of all, I had to wait at least 20 minutes to even get served. I think I pressed the service bell four or five times and no one would come up and help me. Then the person who dealt with me could not understand WHY I didn't want the product anymore. I said 'It doesn't install, it doesn't work as it says it does on the box'. So he goes off into the back room to test out the product for himself.

Half an hour later he comes back out and says there is nothing wrong with it, hands me back the box, and walks away. Quite literally, he said something along the lines of 'It's fine. I can't help you.' and walks off. So I press the bell again and he comes back out and I say:
"It doesn't work. I cannot get the pen to work. I've installed it four or five times, there is no connection to the pen, and it doesn't work with any of the software that came with it". He then has the nerve to ask me if I had installed it. I argued the fact that why the hell would I bother returning it and saying it doesn't work if I hadn't installed it?

Eventually my mother came in, as she was waiting outside in the car, and he was being just as rude to her as he was to me. But everyone who's dealt with my mother knows NOT to mess with her :) In the end he was fuming, I was almost in tears because he wasn't listening and calling me stupid for not installing the product, when of course, I had.

In the end I won. I chose another (better) product and paid the difference. That was all I wanted. I didn't want a refund, I simply wanted an exchange. Isn't it true that if a product does not work, and doesn't do what it is advertised to do on the box, that you have the right to an exchange?

Thought so!

Many times now we have learnt to NEVER buy from Harvey Norman. Over the least four or five years, it has been much the same story with Mp3 players, Cameras, etc.

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