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banks and major online stores

i'm glad this community was featured this week, because i had a bad hour and a half this morning stuck on the phone that i will never get back.., i have two back accounts, bank 1 is with me here at school and bank 2 is states away near my parents house. the later is generally used once a year when i am in said state, and, because of that, i pretty much keep no money in it.

today i get a phone call from bank 2 saying i am overdrawn, from a purchase i made last week from a major online store that i shop at all the time, but not for months and certainly not with this account. this leads me to believe my identity has been stolen. bank 2 is reluctant to give me any info on purchase, except to say the amount and to impress upon me the need to pay off what is in the overdraft, because they will probably shut my account down to punish ME for this horrible indiscretion. manages to wheedle the overdraft fee out of me, which i now regret - because of course the first thing i should feel during a potential identify theft is guilt.

then i get on phone with major online store. turns out a year ago i signed up for a membership which allowed for free shipping. apparently, said purchase was made during this month last year when i was in state with bank 2, and therefore used this card. and when i purchased this membership, it apparently included an email receipt that was tantamount to a contract authorizing them to renew a year later and to save all my personal financial info.

although the email could have contained this info, i can't find it in my records. also, i love this company and the ALWAYS confirm purchased and things like that with emails...and yet...when they charged me $70 last week, didn't bother to ask or let me know. this makes me sad and makes me want to boycott the company.

my conversation with their customer service included the following:
ME: so you're saying that i received an email a year ago that was actually a contract and there was some really fine print that i somehow missed authorizing you to automatically keep all my financial info and charge me again a year later?

HIM: yes.

ME: and, even though every single purchase and interaction with your company over the years has included confirmation emails and receipts, you never sent a single email detailing this charge when it went through when it went through last week? because even if i was ok with it, how would i know about my benefits?

HIM: we can refund your money (said with sheepish tone).

this is not necessarily bad customer service, although it is an immoral business practice.

what makes me sad is that this is quite literally the only purchase i've made (or didn't make) on this account in an entire year, and my bank handled it poorly. i spent an hour and a half with them, and had to call them back SEVEN times because they hung up on me trying to transfer me to someone who could help get the info i needed from them to send to major online company in order for their refund to go through. and, of course, the info is supposed to be faxed directly from the bank, but bank 2 "doesn't do that" and so i had to do it myself. figuring out how to set up an online account alone took two different calls.

and every. time. you. call. back. they ask you for the same ten pieces of information before you can talk to a person, and then you have to repeat at least five of those identifiers with a person when they pick up. its a system designed to piss me off, and i hate them.
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