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Pizza Hut WTF

Monday night, my bf and I order delivery from Pizza Hut. We've only had 1 problem with them (we somehow got jalapeno poppers instead of chicken pasta one time). Usually decent service and food. We were given an estimation of 45 minutes til delivery.
An hour passes. An hour and a half. An hour fourty-five. Hmmmm.
My bf calls and asks about our order. They tell him that no one answered the door. BWUH?? We've been home the whole time and never heard the doorbell ring.
They then tell him that the delivery guy said he only knocked on the door. I'm sorry, what? You're telling me that he came by, and didn't ring the doorbell? It's not hidden behind a potted plant or anything, it's right next to the door!
Seriously, who does that??

Edit to include ending of the story (Sorry!):
We finally got our pizza and chicken alfredo a total of 2 hours after we ordered it. They rang the doorbell this time and lo and behold, we answered! Novel concept.
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