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Just when you thought the day would be over soon..!

Hi guys, here's another rant about restaurants and this time it wasn't only the service! 

So after my best friend finished work late one friday night, we decided to go have dinner(a late one) in the city with her boyfriend and mine and by the time we got there parked, it was already almost 11pm and non of our favourite restaurants had vacant seats for us, so we went to a Korean restaurant we've been to once a LONG time ago.

Before I go on please keep in mind we were all very very HUNGRY and it was a very very cold night. We sat down and got our menu, quickly ordered something for everyone and waited -at this stage we were hungry and cold but happy and chatty.

First something was wrong with the orders, the guy who served us was a newbie, it was his first day and he spoke very little English but we just pointed at the dish we wanted but that wasn't good enough the manager ended up coming to confirm the orders twice. That took about 15 minutes in total, so 15 minutes after we ordered, the order just went through, we waited some more.

Then food arrived, mine came second and as soon as it was set onto the table, I knew something wasn't right, it looked DEAD. The dish looked.. like it had all the life sucked out of it. It was beef, the dish is supposed to be sizzling hot served on a hotplate, the wtfthing I had in front of me was a hotplate that was cold with dry dead looking beef and brown lifeless bean sprouts on top. I looked at the waiter with a bewildered look and he just smiled so I'm like erh. Okay. Gave it a go and it was barely warm, I was really annoyed thinking what the fuck? How could my food be cold? I called him back and before I could ask him why it was cold my friend told him to heat it up, which I was not exactly happy with because I really wanted to know why it was cold? It shouldn't have been cold!? But whatever, that was that, I was starving to the point I'd eat shitty cold food.

After my dish was screwed up, my friend's pork tasted like rubber and her boyfriend never got his dish, they simply forgot about it so he had to eat off our stuff because we just can't be fucked to ask them again, besides we felt bad for unloading it all on the newbie guy, we all know how it feels on your first day!

As we couldn't wait to get out of there, we asked for the bill and to be sure they didn't make another stupid mistake I went through it just to be safe and there it was. A surplus charge for heating my COLD FUCKING BEEF. They charge for heating the cold, left over looking food they served me?? Does that even make sense?

I was annoyed before but by now I was fucking pissed out of this world. My face tend to go pink when I'm mad and this is actually the first time I got extremely mad in public, my friend later recalled the whole thing in a humourous way which sounded quite funny but at the time I called the waiter over and asked them what the hell is this charge for? They replied simply that it was for heating up my food, in a way that sounded like it made perfect sense? So I had to ask them the most obvious questions 'Why the hell was my food cold in the first place? Where did you get it from? If you cooked it after I ordered, how can it be COLD!?' GEES. You wouldn't have to heat the bloody thing up if it was served to me like a normal dish, it wouldn't have been cold. I wasn't even planning on complaining about the cold food or the dish that never came, but this was too much they're asking for it! And it wasn't about the money, it was just unbelievable customer service, I've never ever seen or heard of it and I have to say they should be ashamed of themselves, ARGH I'd rather die than going back there again!!!

Oh yeaah. They cancelled that charge because my friend said it looked like I was going to flip a table. But thank goodness the waiter wasn't an arse. He was apologizing but I mean who was responsible for serving that plate of food? The cook? Argh I don't know but haha I totally don't remember going into a table flipping stance. XD

Edit 12/06/09 - I'm a little tired from replying to every negative 'You deserve it' comments, so I'm adding  this as a general note and won't be returning to reply to any more comments, positive or negative. Also sometimes it's possible to skim through things too fast and get the wrong idea, so please try to read it properly before commenting, it really helps. Things such as I threatened to flip a table and implying a non English speaking waiter is stupid are both false. I have no idea how anyone could get that impression from my post. :/

So please. Read, not assume.

If you ran a restaurant would you like having your customers constantly reminding you that you're late on orders, forgotten orders, lacked English staff, served left overs and charged inadequately? I wouldn't.

That is a restaurant with alof of problems, if my customers were the ones complaining every step along the way of a 45 minutes meal, my restaurant = epic fail.

I'm posting this to relate with other people whose had bad restaurant experiences, if it seems exaggerated well, try to understand this isn't the most pleasant memory. IF there was one thing I regret not doing that would be walking out after their poor solution to the cold dish they served me.

And no, I shouldn't have to tell them to serve freshly cooked food, that is not the customer's responsibility. If it tasted weird, sure I should speak up, but not when they don't even serve you fresh food to begin with.
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