Anthy Lorrel (anthylorrel) wrote in bad_service,
Anthy Lorrel

Donut Fail

So... I sent my SO to dunkin donuts on sunday, since we were having people over that night for the wrestling pay per view, and they were bringing the food, and we were supplying the dessert. He decided to walk there since it was a lovely day out, and walking down there takes 20 minutes, 30 at the most. He gets there, and has to wait for 10 minutes to be served even though he was the only one in there. He gives them the order of 12 donuts (*insert variety here*) and 50 munchkins (*insert variety here*). It wasn't that complicated. 6 boston cream donuts, 6 vanilla sprinkle donuts, and assorted munchkins. They pack up the donuts, and sticker the box shut, and then shove all 50 munchkins into ONE 25 count box, so they arrive back at home all squished (this did not fare well for the jelly filled munchkins), not to mention there were only 2 flavors of them in the box! Then when we opened the box of donuts, there were none of the ones we requested in it. I guess this is partially his dumb for not chekcing before he paid and left, but he was rather irritated as it took him an HOUR in there, because they were so slow. Not to mention the manager. Dear god, the manager. My husband has been looking for a job, so he asks the manager if they're hiring. The manager says yes, so my SO asks for an application. The manager then looks him up and down, and asks "For you, or a friend?" My SO replies "For me". the manager in all his jerk glory says "Oh, we're not hiring then...." wtf? So you'd hire anyone other than my SO? What the hell is wrong with you?

I was so pissed about the interaction with the manager, that I almost had forgotten about the donuts not being what we asked for, but the whole situation has me still considering calling the 800 number on the website... But I dunno... what could they do about it?
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels, you gotta speak up
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