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AT&Fail, you have disappointed me.

Thank you, Livejournal, for having the innate ability to know exactly when I need a certain community brought to my attention!
My bad_service experience happened just yesterday. I guess I've calmed down from it now, but seeing as it's still continuing, I'm not my happiest.

Some back story: I have AT&T. My phone, which I've had for a year next month, has completely fallen to pieces. It's absolutely unusable. While I do blame the shoddy craftsmanship for the majority of the breakage, I do realize that I'm the liable one here and I don't expect AT&T to really bend over backwards for me.
I /thought/ that I would have a simple trip-- I would walk in, explain the situation, they would realize that I've been with them a year in early July, and maybe replace my phone with the same model ((which was FREE when I got it... so it's not like they'd be losing a ton of money)). At the very least, they might offer me a discounted price on another phone.
....not so much.

Wait, don't we pay for you to help us...?Collapse )

TL;DR-- AT&T doesn't give a crap about their customers ((There's a whole spiel I could go on about how they lock you into contracts and then completely abandon you up **** creek without a popsicle stick..... but moving on!)) and their CSRs are creepy and inconsistent at best. Gah.

I don't even know what to do now. I have NO phone, and I have to go to work tonight. I work in not-the-greatest of neighborhoods and leave work at about midnight... I don't really want to be stuck somewhere with a flat tire, muggers on the corner, and no phone! :\
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