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AT&Fail, you have disappointed me.

Thank you, Livejournal, for having the innate ability to know exactly when I need a certain community brought to my attention!
My bad_service experience happened just yesterday. I guess I've calmed down from it now, but seeing as it's still continuing, I'm not my happiest.

Some back story: I have AT&T. My phone, which I've had for a year next month, has completely fallen to pieces. It's absolutely unusable. While I do blame the shoddy craftsmanship for the majority of the breakage, I do realize that I'm the liable one here and I don't expect AT&T to really bend over backwards for me.
I /thought/ that I would have a simple trip-- I would walk in, explain the situation, they would realize that I've been with them a year in early July, and maybe replace my phone with the same model ((which was FREE when I got it... so it's not like they'd be losing a ton of money)). At the very least, they might offer me a discounted price on another phone.
....not so much.

When I walked into the store, three women pounced on me at once, demanding my name.
Me: "Uhh, my name? My account is under my mother's name."
Creepy saleswoman: "It doesn't matter, I need YOUR name so that I can GREET you."
Me: ...... >_>

Okay. Fine. You're pretty creepy, but I'm over it.

Another saleswoman takes me over to the computer, asks my phone number, asks my mom's name ((I'm on a family plan)), and pulls up my account, no problem.
Then she tells me that I'm not eligible for an upgrade until February... but my family's contract expires in August. What?
She gives me my options:
1) I can buy a phone at full price.
2) I can get an iPhone for $249 instead of $299... even though the price of iPhones went down yesterday to $99. Which I mentioned, but she said again that I "was not eligible" for that deal.
3) I can pay them $40 to buy a crappy brick phone until August when I could "possibly" use one of my family's members upgrades to get a new phone... But, MY line isn't eligible. Also, the contract is up in August, remember?

Needless to say, all three options pretty much suck.

I take a deep breath. Alright, this isn't her fault. It's AT&T. Just ignore the fact that I see the workers in cell phone stores cutting people better deals ALL THE TIME. Meanwhile, you haven't given me ONE even remotely viable option. Argh.

Alright. Let's try the other store, about 20 miles away. I get there, walk in, and stand there trying to get a sales-woman's attention for a few minutes while she talks to her buddy. After Creepy McCreeperson at the other store, I let this slide. She finally turns to me and asks me what I need. I explain briefly that I need a new phone, etc etc. She asks me if I am the primary account holder. I answer no, that's my mother, I'm just here to see what my options are.
Mind you, I am an ADULT woman coming into this store for help. Okay, I'm a little short. The woman looks me up and down before telling me that I need to bring my mother into the store before I can even discuss my account.

Wait. How come the girl at the other store was able to pull up my information on the computer? She didn't SHOW me anything. I wasn't asking to make any changes. Why couldn't I even ask my questions?

She follows up by saying "The only thing I can do for you is sell you a phone at no-commitment pricing and give you that." you can't answer my questions, but you can sell me your overpriced crap? Seriously, lady?

Then she goes right back to chatting with her guy friend, completely ignoring me. Classy.

I was so completely blown away by her rudeness that I left the store in shock. What I should have done was ask for the manager.

TL;DR-- AT&T doesn't give a crap about their customers ((There's a whole spiel I could go on about how they lock you into contracts and then completely abandon you up **** creek without a popsicle stick..... but moving on!)) and their CSRs are creepy and inconsistent at best. Gah.

I don't even know what to do now. I have NO phone, and I have to go to work tonight. I work in not-the-greatest of neighborhoods and leave work at about midnight... I don't really want to be stuck somewhere with a flat tire, muggers on the corner, and no phone! :\
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