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I'm Sorry My Woman Problems Don't Suit You...?

I was surprised that an ob-gyn could suck this much...

So, a little bit of back-story for y'all: I have really shitty periods. Shitty as in: I'm in phenomenal amounts of pain (so bad I vomit for about twelve hours straight), I can't walk because I have ZERO energy, and I'm just generally very, very sick for the first couple of days. Every. Single. Frickin'. Month. I've been like this ever since I first got my period, when I was twelve, and although my mum and I tried, we weren't able to do anything about it for years: I was "too young" to go on the pill, doctors tried giving me all sorts of painkillers but I'd just vomit them back up. Nothing worked.

When I was sixteen, I moved in with my nana, because I wanted to change schools. She'd always known that I got sick, but had never really seen me at my worst until I moved in. She was really shocked, and took me to see her doctor, who was wonderfully sympathetic. She tested me for everything she could, from STIs to... other medical jargon I don't really understand, lol. She got me on the waiting list to see an ob-gyn, but told me that under the public health system, it could be six months or so.

In the meantime, nothing shows up on the blood tests, and I wait. And wait. And vomit and cry from the pain. And wait... eventually, I get an appointment (I'd like to point out that I'd just turned 18 by this point).

And oh, boy, here's where it gets fun...

My doctor was, quite frankly, a douche. I went with my partner - who I'd been with for about two years at this point, and we were engaged - and the first thing he says to me is "oh, you bought your little boyfriend?"
Well, okay, that pissed me off, but I know we're young, and we get comments like that kinda often, so I let it slide. But that wasn't all. Every single thing he asked me, my answer got some kind of snarky comment. He essentially told me that every woman gets her period, so he's not sure what I'm complaining about - this from AN OB-GYN WHO SPECIALISES IN THIS KIND OF THING! He asked about STIs, and I said I'd been tested by my doc about three months before, and I'd had the same sexual partner for two years. He looks me up and down, raises an eyebrow, and has me tested for chlamydia. Wtf?? I mean, I get that they have to check everything. I do. But it was the way he did it!
When he asked what protection we were using, and I said we were trying to get pregnant, he laughed at me; when I said we'd been trying for a year and were getting worried, he told me that I "shouldn't be bothering at my age anyway". Dick.
I told him my aunt (my mum's sister) had had endometriosis, and he said he "failed to see what that had to do with anything". Are you kidding, buddy?!
Overall, this guy was such a dick, and basically made me feel like shit - and guess what? Eighteen months and two operations later, he still hasn't offered any solutions.

Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?
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