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This isn't a specific post about a specific thing and it isn't even about me, but it makes me crazy... My cousin (seven months younger than I am) has always had an assortment of health problems. She had weak ankles growing up and migraines ( it's genetic). Her bizarre health problems began when she was 18. Thus begins my yarn..
She spent a summer in Vladai, Russia and unfortunately developed appendicitis. I think she went to Moscow for surgery ,( it could have been St. Petersburg ).  She was fine but then developed a lot of stomach problems. When she was 20 ( after years of doctor check ups, etc), she was diagnosed with ciliac disease. Things seemed to get better and she had a very easy pregnancy with her daughter.
About a year ago, she started having a lot of problems with her nerves. Some days she could not see and other days her limbs on one side of her body hurt so much she could barely move. Some days were better than others, but she was not feeling good. She went to her doctor immediately and the result? Stress, he said.
She tried to make her life less stressed, but the symptoms got worse and worse. She tried seeing neurologists and even tried to get an appointment with the Mayo clinic. She had a spinal tap done and all anyone could say was that it was stress. My cousin has a toddler and works at a property management company with my aunt and was taking classes online, but she would feel bad no matter what.
A few weeks ago, she began developing tremors in her speech and could not drive anymore. A few days after the tremors started, she went into a Grad Mal seizure. Tests were taken, she was taken to a University hospital with a Physician's assistant for an examination. Diagnosis? Post-traumatic stress disorder.  The PA with my cousin begged the doctors to prescribe medication for MS to see if it would elevate some of her symptoms. It has helped.
Now, to today. My cousin got results back from a mineral blood test she had gotten from my uncle's wife. The results? HUGE amounts of uranium. (she lives in a town with a uranium processing plant near by) .
How come none of the doctors thought of testing that before? And why is it always stress for young women under 25?

PS: Do you think some of the ciliac could have come from the uranium?
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