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Worst Sushi Bar E V E R.

I went out on a regular night with the friends. As usual we go to Dessert Lady- our favorite dessert spot and I highly recommend it. They were pretty busy at the time and the boys didn't feel like waiting. Next door was a sushi bar and they were playing reggae- my two favorite thing so we decide to check it out.
It was a pretty big place and it looked nice but it was dead. First of all can you say suffocating smell? As soon as I got my water I gulped it down. I asked the waitress what she recommend was good and she just shrugged and said, "Everything."
We finally all decided what we wanted and told her and she said, "You're only getting sushi? Then why are you sitting here?" How the hell was I to know? She's the one that seated us! So she had us pick up our drinks and go to the complete opposite side of where we were sitting. I was so ma she had us do that, that I just want to get out of there.
I picked a random sushi selection and ordered one. You could obviously tell by her face that she was pissed that, that was all we ordered but idgaf. When we finished I ask for the check and she gave me a horrible look and when walking off she pounded her fist on the table!!
I was enraged by now. Instead of getting our check she went to the other side of the restaurant and was complaining about us to the other employees. More than five minutes pass, still no check and she's just standing there so I go up to her and she said, "Oh, did you want your check?" I gave her a are-you-kidding-me look and she just turned around and went to get it. The tab was $8.51 and that was exactly what I left. I digged  through my change to make sure it was .51 exact and I put in my long term memory to never go there again.
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