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My boyfriend and I have our favorite Mexican restuarant in town that's at the mall. We go once or twice a week and have been for two years now. Most of the servers at least recognize us and the better ones know us and our order. We've never had a problem.

Until this one time.

We had a waiter who we'd seen around and who we had even had before, we'll call him G. He wasn't our best waiter those times, but he passed. Anyways, we sit in G's section and he brings us the chips and salsa and our drinks. He takes our food order. My meal is supposed to come with a soup and my boyfriend's comes with a taco (he always asks for no tomatos) and they are supposed to come before the meal.

15 minutes pass, we are out of chips and salsa, and our appetizers haven't arrived yet. G is standing in the middle of the restuarant -- just standing there. We try signaling to him, but he doesn't seem to respond. Another couple of minutes go by and he brings us our food, already kind of cold, like he hadn't picked it up on time. My soup doesn't come and my boyfriend's taco has tomatos on it. G brought the appetizers out with the meal!

So we ask for another basket of chips and two bowls of salsa. G brings out the chips and brings out the two bowls, each about half full and one had an obvious pour stain on it, like he took one bowl and poured it into two. I called him on it and he goes, "Oh, I just picked it up that way, that's the right amount of salsa." But it was still only half full and he knew we ate there all the time and wasn't stupid. I asked him if he could bring us another one and he just walked away.

Another table got sat in his section at this time (oh yes, WE WERE HIS ONLY TABLE AT THAT POINT!) and they ordered alcohol. It was like we didn't exist anymore. I ran out of coke and stuck my glass at the very edge of the table and waved it around whenever he walked by. I couldn't finish my meal without having more liquid.

Finally my boyfriend got up and told him that I wanted a to-go drink and that we were leaving and we wanted the check. After taking another ten minutes to accomplish these two things, G didn't seem to realize we were pissed.

When we were paying, we asked to see the Manager. While we were waiting, G walked up to see how much we were going to tip him, like completely over our shoulders as we paid. My boyfriend bitched him out and G just shrugged and said, "Sorry you saw it that way, I did my best," and walked off. When the manager came out and asked us what was up, we didn't even have to tell her who the waiter was before she sighed, "Ugh, G?" I'm guessing he's a relative of someone and she's stuck with him, she was totally apologetic and offered us free desserts the next time we came in.

Now, we've learned our lesson. We still go two times a week, or so, but we make sure we know who's section we're sitting in. And we'll never sit with G ever, ever again.
Tags: *restaurant, tex-mex ain't as good as calimex, tex-mex food is delicious
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