Vincey (vinceypoo) wrote in bad_service,

What is that? ...OH MY GOD.

About a month ago I was literally starving, hadn't eaten in at least a day because I seem incapable of eating and studying at the same time. Anyway, I was really hungry. So I went into a subway (somewhere I never really go) and was waiting impatiently for the clerk to come. It looked like there was only one person working so I didn't get upset or anything. (I work in a coffee shop and know how it is being the only one scheduled)

Once she finally resurfaced from the back, she looked at me for a second, then just turned away and got some gloves on and fiddled with some things that seemed relatively unimportant for another minute or two. The whole time she didn't say a word to either me or my friend. At this point I wasn't even upset or anything - just baffled.

She finally comes up to the counter and looks at us completely bored expression, "What do you want?"

And then, something awful happened.

Both my friend and I watched while a cockroach skittered up on top of the counter and stared at us with its little feelers wiggling happily.

This was my first time seeing a cockroach. I'd recently done a lot of research on them because I had found out the lease we signed a month previous had a slight infestation. I was mortified looking at this thing, but then it got worse.

The person over the counter in one swift movement just goes "BAM" and crushes the thing with her gloved hand, and then looked toward me and my friend without saying a word or looking the slightest bit embarrassed for our order.

Never found out if she changed the glove for the next people because we just walked out without saying a word. I personally, was too busy thinking that cockroach eggies were just sprayed all over me when she crushed that thing.
Tags: deli/sandwich shop, literally starving, roaches are gross!
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