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Bad Service, but hopefully has a good ending

This one has bothered me for months, and since I'm still tired and cranky and sick, here goes.

So, my place of work does a lot of business with a company that makes classroom amplification systems. When I started in July 2006 there was already a lot of systems in place, but December of 2006 I started doing an overhaul and ordering and putting in a ton of their newer systems. At that point I worked with their local rep, who I'll call Bob. Bob was very responsive, nice, came out, did a demo, etc. So we did the 30k order, everything is lovely.

Over the past two years we've replaced more systems and done more orders. At first I tried to do everything through Bob, but as he got less and less responsive I started getting my quotes and orders through their general sales team. Still, I always gave Bob the first shot so he could get commission or whatever.

4 months ago this company started a recycling program for their old parts. Fantastic, as I have about 100 of their old speakers sitting in a store room. So I email Bob for details (I had gotten a general email from the company with the instructions to "ask your local rep for details."). Email is ignored. Two weeks later, email him again. No response. Then I forget for about two months, then I email him. Wait a week, call him. He calls me about a week later, says that he's seen my email, he doesn't know the specifics, he'll get back to me. A month goes by. Email him, wait, email, wait, call, etc.  Why didn't I call up the company directly? Because it was getting to be the end of the school year and things were hectic and he kept promising to get back to me and I'm a sucker.

So finally today he returns my call and says he'll look into it (every time he forgets what I'm talking about). And that's it. I'm tired of being blown off, and he has an attitude every time I talk to him on the phone. I call the company and leave a message with the person in charge of the recycling program and I look up his regional manager and talk to him as well. Now, I think it's bad service to ignore any customer, no matter how big or how small, but when I told his manager where I worked he said he knew it well, knew (and named) some of my co-workers, and said that we're the company's best customer (which I actually believe because most schools might have 4 or 5 systems and we have over 40 that we upgrade a lot).

So after I got off the phone with him, I got about 4 phone calls back to back from various people in the company wanting to give me info on the recycling program.

So good service to the company
Bad service from Bob! I don't even want to think how much cash he lost on commissions by not responding to my emails and such.
Tags: lazy worker

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