the girl from ipanema (sarinarenediary) wrote in bad_service,
the girl from ipanema

Ugh, just...ugh!

I was shopping at a clothing store near my house, and I was running on a schedule. I figured I had about a half hour to spare.
I ended up finding some things I wanted to try on.
As most stores I've encountered, the fitting rooms are locked, and only the people who work in that section can unlock it for you.
When I got to the fitting rooms, there was a line-up of about 3-4 people already.
I was in line for about 10 minutes, and no one came to open the door.
So me, being the nice person I am, I go in search for the people to unlock the doors. I asked a girl who worked there, and she points at a group of 3 guys, who were standing just out of the view of the lineup in front of hte fitting room, their backs to the door. So I go over to them and just as I was about to ask them to unlock the door, I overhear this:
Guy #1: Yo, there's still a lineup
Guy#2: Well, maybe they'll get fed up and leave. I don't want to unlock the door for some high school brats.

So I go over, and politely ask them to unlock the door. The Guys let out the biggest sigh I had ever heard in my life and went "Fine" in such an angry tone.

Um, excuse me, but isn't this what you're paid to do, to actually work, instead of socializing and being rude?
Tags: clothing/shoe store, lazy worker

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