iheartsarahduh (iheartsarahduh) wrote in bad_service,

Very short, but here's the thing:

Woke up this morning to buy a scale because I knew I hadn't weighed myself since I moved up here to Brooklyn from Florida. I walk over to the Rite Aid on the corner. Walked around a bit, looking for one. Picked up some toiletries.
Finally, I couldn't find where the scales were, so I asked an associate who was stocking shelves with his co-worker.
"They're over there on the back wall" he said with a smile.
Oh good - someone who smiles here. Nobody smiles at this Rite Aid because nobody seems to remember what good customer service is like.
Oh, but wait. I walk no more than three feet away, within CLEAR earshot of him and hear...
"Try not to break it, fatass" from the same guy who had just been nice enough to me to answer my question.
To which I turned around and saw him and his buddy giggling, bumping fists.

Now, I'm the furthest thing from insecure about my weight, but COME ON. At least make fatty jokes when I'm not within earshot. I mean, really?

By the way, I've lost 15 pounds.
Tags: drug store
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