roxtarrr (roxtarrr) wrote in bad_service,

"no drinks, tonight. we're just gonna sit"

a few days ago i was out with some friends and we decided to go to ~the~ pub. this is a pub that we've been going to for years and the staff doesn't change very often. the only time servers don't know us is if they're new... which, like i said isn't very often. point being - they know us there, they know that we usually order a lot, have never left a bill and we tip very well.

we sit down in the "big center booth" and within a minute or so a server arrives. she says "hey! haven't seen you guys in a while. it's nice to see all of you tonight" and we exchange our greetings and salutations. she asks us for our drink orders but we weren't quite sure who was getting what yet (pitcher wise), so we asked her to come back in a few minutes. she also asked us if we wanted menus but it was about 10:30ish so we declined.

we figure out what everyone wants and we're just waiting for her to come back when this big guy (that i don't think i've ever seen before) comes up to us and says "so, what's the deal ladies? are you ordering or what?" we were kind of surprised, so we say "huh?" and he says "are you ordering something or are you just gonna sit here?"

we explained to him that we asked her to come back in a few minutes and he asks why (wtf!) and we tell him and he says "okay. that's fine. but you can't just sit here. just make sure you order something"


clearly, our plans to just sit in a booth all night without getting anything were foiled. we probably would have gotten away with it for most of the night if he hadn't said anything... but instead we had to spend our money. that wasn't the plan! i guess that's just the price you have to pay to want to sit on those oh so comfy pub seat cushions.

tbh, we didn't let it ruin our night and more or less forgot about it by the time the server did come back to take our order but it definitely made us go "WTF! do you know who we are!" (that was in a haha/sarcastic way... we're never serious about that)
Tags: bar/public house

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