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Steak N' Shake

A few months ago I went shopping with my father to find some birthday gifts for my older brother Aaron. After a couple hours of shopping, we decided to head to Steak N’ Shake for a bite to eat.

At first everything was going smooth. Our waitress was polite and had an all around pleasant attitude. I ordered a Turkey Sandwich with fries, a cup of cheese on the side. My Dad ordered some form of a burger, I can’t remember what, also with fries and cheese on the side.

As we’re waiting, a few moments later a couple walks in and are seated behind us. Seeing as how we are so close, I can hear their order. Which, just so you know, was nothing like my fathers order or mine.

Around 10 minutes go by and I see our waitress heading in our direction with what appears to be our order. Moving my cup so that she has room to sit our plates, I feel a little silly when she instead walks to the couple behind us.
She placed the plates down in front of them.

Waitress: Oh, wait, I’m sorry. This isn’t your order.
Man: Well uh, we’ll take it any way.
Waitress: But it belongs to someone else.
Woman: That’s alright. We don’t feel like waiting any more.
Man: You can take the fries though, we won’t eat them.

The waitress then picks up the fries, and puts them on our table.

Waitress: Uhm, they’re going to take your order.
Dad: Who is? We already gave you our order.
Waitress: No, I mean, those people took your order. I gave the food to them.
Me: Why would you do that? It’s ours, not theirs.
Waitress: Well, they didn’t want the fries-
Dad: Go back to that table, pick up the plates of food, and sit them in front of us.
Waitress: But they’ve already started eating. I can bring you some more.

My Dad stares blankly at her. Obviously feeling uneasy, she quickly walks away. We don’t see her again the rest of our time there. A cook brings us our food 15 minutes later.

I’m disgusted. I’m also more than willing to throw out the, ‘she was new, had no idea how to handle the situation bit. But, last week I went to that same Steak N’ Shake with some friends, and she was our waitress.

Order went as such: (My friends are polite and nice unless otherwise noted)
Waitress: What can I get you?
Sara: Does the chili have noodles in it here?
Waitress: Noodles?
Sara: Yes, noodles.
Waitress: What do you mean?
Sara: *getting annoyed* I mean, is it customary for your place of business to place noodles in the chili?
Waitress: What kind of noodles?
Sara: It doesn’t matter whether they’re fettuccini noodles, bow tie noodles, or macaroni noodles. ARE THERE NOODLES IN THE CHILI?
Waitress: I can bring you some noodles on the side.
Sara: You know what, I’m not sure what I want yet. Can you give us a few minutes?
Waitress: Sure.

She returns a few minutes later.

Waitress: Are you ready?
Me: *orders whatever the hell it was*
Taylor: *orders some type of salad*
Sara: Okay, I want the chili. But NOT if it has noodles. Since you didn’t answer me earlier, I have no idea what to expect in the chili. If there are noodles in the chili, don’t bring it to me please. Just bring me a salad.
Waitress: Okay then.

She brings us the food not too much later. Sara goes to eat her chili, but at the bottom of the bowl is…noodles. We sign for our waitress to come over.

Sara: I’m sorry, but there appears to be noodles in my chili. Can you just take this back.
Waitress: You don’t want it.
Sara: No, no I do not want it. Can you just bring me a salad instead? I’ll pay for both, I don’t care.
Waitress: Okay.

Brings Sara a plate a couple of minutes later. Guess what it is?
Chili. But this time, without noodles. We tossed a 10 on the table and left.

Tags: *restaurant, customers shouldn't get what they want, deaf waiter
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