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Bad Service... in buying a car.

I know that a lot of people will say, 'well, salesmen are sharks sometimes to get the sale, so... a lot of this should be expected', but... I've never bought a car before. I had a lot of information from my parents to help me along, but I guess I just didn't know what questions to ask? Edit: hard lesson learned. x_x

The car we were offered was a 2009 GMC Envoy, which we liked, and the one she had that fit our price range was their courtesy car, which was ok with me, but I had questions. I asked our saleswoman, Izabela, if it was showing signs of wear. 'No, it's pristine!'; 'Has there been any major repairs on it?' 'No, it was only lightly driven.'; 'How many miles are on it?' 'between 2,000 and 2,500.'; 'Is there any interior damage or wear?' 'Oh, no, it looks brand new.' I asked her also, 'Does it include an auxiliary audio in jack?' 'No,' she replies, 'but I will have one installed for you. It is easy to do. We do it all the time.' She also assured us we were to get a free year of onstar.

I wrote a huge entry about this but it was very TL;DR.

-She lied about the mileage.
-She lied about the exterior and interior damages and wear (there was quite a bit- stains on the floor, interior scratching and scuffing, exterior scratching not discovered until post-wash).
-She lied about the whole year of on-star service.
-Most importantly, the thing she had installed was not an audio-in jack, which we expected would have been installed on, or in, or next to the stereo-- it was an I-pod cable, specifically only for the Ipod, and wasn't just a jack- it was a massive cable installed into my CENTER CONSOLE and she INSTRUCTED THE CAR PEOPLE TO DRILL A HOLE IN THE INTERIOR OF MY DAMN CAR, without my knowledge. Needless to say, none of this was what we had been believing would be installed.
-When I emailed her about the onstar and the damages to the vehicle, she immediately changed faces and became mega-bitch. She said her onstar rep could only get us 9 months and not a year, even though she promised a full year. She said, and I quote: 'Customer is top dog, but I am not a fire hydrant'-- great, so now she's insinuating we're pissing on her. More like the other way around. I understand that we did not buy a spanky new car, getting her a bigger commission, but it doesn't warrant treating us the way she did.

I spoke with the owner of the dealership and explained our concerns with the vehicle, the on-star service, the aftermarket install, and of course, Izabela herself. I forwarded her nasty emails to him.

He called me back and told me they will be PAYING for the remaining time on the onstar to ensure I get my free year of service since it was promised. He offered for us to bring the vehicle in to have it cleaned professionally (we declined and said we would try cleaning it ourselves and if it didn't work, then we would have him do that). He also said that we can take the car back to the aftermarket-install place (Auto Accents, in Warren-- don't go there.) to have them relocate the cables if we so wished.

After getting in touch with the aftermarket-install place (whose owner is so stupid), we determined that the cables we needed installed would be okay to do and set up a time to do it. That was yesterday.

I was so angry at the result that I left work early-- he drilled MORE HOLES in my DAMN VEHICLE without permission (and knowing we did not want him to do so), installed the cables totally half-assed, and made it so I can't even use my center console (which we use a lot, thank you very much).

After fixing it ourselves it's at least semi-useable now, but the point is, we should not have had to fix it ourselves. We should not have had to waste $53 in gas running all across hell's half-acre to get this shit fixed and worked out, it should have been, from the get go. The dealership and auto place were like 45 and 50 miles from us respectively-- we WOULD have chosen a closer place, but ironically enough this dealership and salesperson were recommended (by my parents who had bought a brand spanky new car).

Moral of the story: Don't buy a car from Ed Rinke Pontiac/Chevrolet/GMC/Buick in Centerline/Warren, Michigan. Don't have your salesperson be Izabela Ziemer.

And for the love of god don't take your car to Auto Accents.


We did view the car. We did know the mileage was more when we signed the papers. However, the damages and wear to the car were not noticed until a few days later. Why? For these reasons. Where we viewed the car was in their 'workshop' thing, where there were no overhead lights on, just the daylight poking through. The garbage left by the porters was found that same night (and promptly disposed of- we did not think to check the DOOR POCKETS for garbage), and some of the exterior scratches were found when we took it to get washed (I live in like, pollen city).

The damages and wear to the inside weren't fully noticed until driving the next day or two-- there were huge, heavy, dark stains on the floorboards in pretty much the entire vehicle, and we didn't notice them until we went to replace the new factory mats they'd installed (I don't like to use factory mats- they get ruined too fast). The stains looked like oil and stuff, who knows what it was. We just didn't think to look under the mats when you get a car, and I guess that's our folly. Same with the interior scratching and scuffing- they really became evident after armor-alling it and driving it and noticing-- but again, I suppose it's our fault for not going over it with a fine-toothed comb.

So to clear up, we DID *see* the car, just not under optimal conditions.

We still chose the vehicle due to the huge amounts of rebates (putting it in our price range) and the fact that those rebates ended that day; when we were signing the papers we weren't fully aware of all the... I guess, 'hidden' damages.

All in all it was a good PRICE, it's just that our salesperson's service was ridiculous and two-faced. As soon as we signed the papers, she turned into a completely different person and didn't want to give us the time of day. The manager made right on all that he could, which redeems them slightly, but the things that had to be rectified should have just been right from the start.

So we're idiots for not inspecting the car perfectly-- we learned a hard lesson for the next purchase. As first time buyers, we definitely learned what NOT to do.

I would have taken the car back, but we traded in a lease and to return the Envoy we would have owed like $2500 on the lease (rolled in payments and repairs, I'd been rear-ended, etc.), which was already paid off and closed out, and then would have had no car to boot since GMAC could not have reinstated the lease. >_<;
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