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My Mother's Day

This story actually happened to my mom but I figured it still deserved to be heard. Or read, in our case!
My mother is a very odd person. Her personality is quite scary and intimidating at times and I DO NOT tend to upset her. Heck! I'm 20 and I still watch what I say around her. She's been known to throw frying pans at people's head. Yeah, I know. Knowing all of this, I CAN'T even begin to fathom why this happened to her.

She starts off by saying she went into a chain Automotive place to get her oil changed. She's always gone to this particular place and has always had very little problems. And she has always had Castrol Oil in her car. She is very knit picky about that but hey, to each their own. (I could say that about anyone, basically. I dislike carrots. Onward!) She's sitting in the waiting room paying somewhat attention to the guys working on her car. One of them comes into the waiting room and says he needs to state a few things.

Her = Her. Mom. Mama. Madre. You get the picture.
Guy = The guy.
M = Manager.

Guy: Mrs. _______ (her last name of course), I'd like to point out a few things about your car.
Her: Alright
Guy: Well, first, you don't change your oil very often do you?
Her: I change it every 7,500 miles. Not the preferred 3,000.
Guy: Ok. That's more than fine. Second, your air filter needs to be changed.
Her: No, the last time I was here someone mentioned it needed to be changed. It has been.
Guy: Well, that's not our company's filter..
Her: Yes, I know. I bought one and did it myself.
Guy: OOO.. Your fuel injectors need to be cleaned as well.. ( and something needed to be replaced but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. It was around $12 so she just said yes)
Her: Ok..
Guy: We also used *name for a generic oil that I can't remember* Oil instead of Castrol.
Her: ...Why? (I'm sure her horns have sprouted by now. Yikes!) I only use Castrol Oil. It's stated on my receipt and in your computer.
Guy: Uh..I'll get my Manager.
M= Hi Mrs. ______, what seems to be the problem?
Her: I was informed that your guys put *generic* Oil in my car instead of Castrol. I don't use *generic* Oil, I use Castrol.
M: We stopped using Castrol the first of this year. We now use *generic* Oil.
Her: I came in January..you put Castrol in my car. I watched you.
M: No ma'am. We stopped at the beginning of the year..
Her: Well, no you didn't. It is on my receipt (she's shoving it in his face. ..I wonder if she cut her cla..nails?!)
M: (he's taking her receipt and looking up information on the computer)
Her: (I'm betting she is foaming from the mouth. Like a rapid dog!)
M: It does say that Castrol was used but I assure you, it wasn't.
Her: So what do you do? Put other oil in Castrol cans? Because I saw your guys with Castrol cans.
M: ......... (I'm sure his thought process is going *ajdbhdbsshs@#!$* because mine would if I looked into the firey pits of hell that are her eyes)

My mom states that at this point she's pretty pissed off and refrains from chewing this guy's ass out and embarrassing herself. She becomes quiet and waits on her ticket. About 15 minutes pass and her name is called to pay for service.

M: Your total is $70(and some change).
Her: WHAT! $70? Why is it so high? ______(whatever needed to be replaced) was only $12 and the oil change should be no more than $35. WHY THE FUCK is it so high?!
M: We have a different service for cars exceeding the preferred amount of miles for every oil change. It costs $51.
Her: And why did you fail to mention this to me before servicing my car?
M: I don't believe it would have mattered. You need your oil changed, and that's our job to service your car.
Her: I can buy my own goddamned oil somewhere and change it myself if I really wanted to ( And she could, her father was a auto mechanic and she used to help him work on cars)
M: ...*snickers* Yeah, that douche proceeds to LAUGH. LAUGH!
I am not saying he's sexist but seriously, if you told me how to change oil and explained it to me, I'd do it myself.

So my mom said she paid the money and told the manager "Have a nice fucking day!" (She so said the F word twice! +2 for Mom). The manager didn't even apologize.
AND while walking out the first guy that conversed with her yelled "YOU ALSO HAVE SEVERAL OIL LEAKS"! Ok, thank you for telling me WHILST I'm walking out swearing at your company and mentioning I am never coming back!
So, she has no idea if she has leaks and if so, how bad they are.

So, bad, bad, bad WTF on this Manager. Really.
And after Mom gets done telling my dad this story he's like "Why didn't you call me? You would have gotten everything for free." Tahaha, Dad is such a passive creature..free..lawl.
Tags: car/truck repair, stupid sexism, that didn't work - let's try cussing

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