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Bad Service at a Diner

haha, I was wondering why there were SO many new posts lately and I finally just realized it's because bad_service made it to the front page

OK. Anyway, I love reading this community but I rarely post to it. But I have been reminded of some bad service (or weird service?) I received at our local diner last week.

It was kind of late, I'm guessing around 11PM. This is one of the few places open all night (or past 9PM even). I would hate to work there because a lot of the customer base is drunk/high college students. So I can understand that being a server at this restaurant probably sucks.

I had worked an 8 hour shift, from 1-9. I came home and was getting hungry, so at about 11 me and my friend decided to go to the diner to get some onion rings and a sundae. We get in, get seated, all seems well.

The waiter we had comes up and stands by our table and doesn't say anything. We kind of pause and hesitate, since him not saying anything to us is weird. We finally order after him just standing there speechless and I also ask for two waters. He runs off without a word.

He comes back in a reasonable amount of time with our onion rings but without water. He puts the onion rings on the table and bolts before I can remind him about the water. So we get through the onion rings and I am SO THIRSTY. The waiter comes back, but the to table next to us. He asks them if they need anything, they order. As he's leaving their table I try to get his attention to ask for water. But he ignores me and walks away.

He comes back to the table next to me and gives them whatever it was they ordered. He asks if they need anything else. The girl sitting at the table says, "No, but they (pointing at us) wanted water." He looks confused and darts off.

He comes back with our ice cream sundae but no water. He still doesn't say anything to us. I more forcefully tell him I would like water.

He returns shortly later with the bill.

He never spoke one word to us while we were there nor did he bring us the water I wanted. We rounded the tab up to the nearest dollar and left him a 30 cent tip.
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