You should not be here. (invaderscythe) wrote in bad_service,
You should not be here.

I'd like real spaghetti please.

Last summer my parents and I went to a local coney island chain. We've been there plenty of times before so we thought everything was ok; in reality, it made my parents against going there ever again (don't ask me why).

I order a plate of spaghetti for dinner which comes with the traditional tomato sauce and hamburger meat. I recieve my food and as soon as the waitress sets it down, I look at it in a disgusted sort of way.

First off, no tomato sauce? Unless I was in Italy getting real spaghetti, hell, I'd at least expect even a little sauce, but no sauce to be found. Instead all I see is a pile of weird looking hamburger meat on top of spaghetti. It doesn't look like regular hamburger. I taste it and it tastes like taco meat. Since when do people put taco flavored meat on pasta?

I'm not one to complain about food ever but we ask the waitress if I can get a new plate with tomato sauce and the regular hamburger meat on it. She leaves to ask the cooks in the back and informs us they don't have any. don't carry a basic ingredient such as tomato sauce? I've been to another coney island in the same chain and ordered the exact same meal and it was completely fine, sauce and regular meat included.

I didn't mean to be so picky but I would just like a regular spaghetti meal please. Since I couldn't get one, I had to order something else. Luckily it was fine.
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