Melissa (dreadfulpenny81) wrote in bad_service,

Deadly Sandwich and Rude Employee

This didn't happen to me but I was there to witness it. My mom and I were at our local grocery store one day and she ordered a toasted turkey sub from their deli counter. While she was waiting for her sub to go through the toaster, the woman behind her ordered a container of seafood salad that had lobster. She's allergic to shellfish and even the tiniest bit of contact could send her into anaphylactic shock.  Well, my mother was given her sandwich but noticed that the whole time, the girl had been wearing the same pair of gloves and my mother insisted that a new sandwich be made and explained to the woman that, if she ate the sandwich the woman had initially made, it could kill her.
The woman behind the counter was extremely rude and insisted that my mother would be fine because she was wearing gloves and didn't actually touch the salad, just the handle of the scoop. I then told the woman that any contact at all, even transfer could put my mother in the hospital. What does she do? SHE ROLLS HER EYES AT ME.
I had not ordered my sub yet and offered to take the turkey instead even though I wanted something else. While my mother's new sandwich was being made, I kept an eye on the woman and then after everything was made as best as it could have possibly been (what with the ignoramas behind the counter and all), my mother and I looked for the manager of the store. I explained to them that we had been shopping there for years and had never been treated that way before, especially since most of the staff there knew us because of the fact.
The manager explained that the girl was new (of course), but then tried to excuse her behavior by saying that maybe she just forgot to change gloves between orders. I don't know if all places are trained to do that or not, but most of the places I've worked where you have to handle food teach you to change gloves when you're handling different products because of possible allergy issues. Unfortunately, the place isn't a chain, it's an independent local store so there's no corporate office I could have written to. With the manager not being helpful at all, we simply told him we would be taking our business elsewhere and we'd make sure that our friends and relatives knew about the situation and how it was inefficiently handled.
I just needed to vent because the whole situation could have been terrible had we not seen what the girl was doing. So just a warning to everyone; watch who handles your food if you're in a situation where you can watch. 
Tags: allergies, deli/sandwich shop

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