Kate (naturalwitch) wrote in bad_service,

Another post reminded me of this.

I used to get my eyebrows waxed every so often while I was a junior in high school. I tried to keep up with plucking them while I was out of school for the summer, but I was more interested in spending time with my friends. It's not like I had a unibrow or anything, I just hadn't plucked them very well.

So when senior year started again, I made an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. The girl that did it (and I say girl because she was around my age; this was a high school cosmetology class) had no idea what she was doing. She didn't put the paper on in time because she was talking to her friend, and then I had a big blob of wax stuck to my eyebrow, which she decided to remove with her talons, all the while bitching about how thick my eyebrows were.

What the hell did she think I wanted to get them waxed for?

I didn't go back after that.

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