caitie (asaintedsinner) wrote in bad_service,

WTF service @ Subway

Dear Mr. Subway Boy Making My Sandwich,

While I really appreciate the fact that you wore gloves while you made my sandwich today, I don't think it was exactly smart of you to have reloaded the banana pepper container and then touched my sandwich with your banana pepper juice covered gloves. While personally I'm not bothered by banana peppers and I'm glad to say I couldn't taste anything on my sandwich, there are people out there who have allergies to certain things and cross contamination like that is probably not a good idea.

Just for your consideration,

PS. (Bonus WTF) I was about to open my mouth and say something when the sandwich maker's coworker came out from behind the back wall and lent his own WTF to the situation.

So, Subway Boy #2 comes out from the back with a phone in his hand and the following conversation ensued (and thus made me forget about the banana pepper juiced gloves until I got out of the store):

SB2: Yo, bro, why is [insert name I couldn't hear] calling me an idiot?!
SB1: Dude, is that MY phone?! Why are you looking at my phone?
SB2: They're talking about me! I can look at it cause they're talking about me!
SB1: The phone was locked. You had to unlock it to read it and you didn't know they were talking about you before you read my text!
SB2: It was totally unlocked, dude!
SB1: No, it wasn't. The screen was black. You had to have touched something to light the screen back up.
SB2: *guffawing laugh* Well, yeah, I opened it! But it wasn't locked! Why is this girl calling me an idiot?!
SB1: Because you are an idiot. How about you worry about yourself and stop touching my shit? Go put my phone away!

SB1 then proceeded to roll his eyes as he handed me my sandwich, muttering something about being stuck working the same shift as his coworker all the time.
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