Lyndsey (relevancedenied) wrote in bad_service,

a few friends and i have been going to the same denny's routinely for years. we always go in the wee hours of the morning so at one point all of the night waitresses knew us, until one night when we were greeted by a waitress we'd never seen before. it was about 2 or 3am and maybe one other table was occupied. our drink order came within a relatively reasonable amount of time but we weren't ready to order yet and asked her to come back. she disappears, returning at least twenty minutes later. fast forward to just after we get our food (a very long time later): the waitress is now sitting a few tables away from us talking to a waiter. while we're eating she doesn't bother refiling our drinks and another thirty minutes after we've finished she finally brings the check without asking if it needed to be separated. mind you, she's rude and short with us all throughout this experience, as if she's offended that we're forcing her to do her job. we're all extremely irritated and itching to speak to a supervisor, but of course there isn't one available, so we decide not to tip her.

the real kicker is what comes a week or so later. i unfortunately wasn't there for this incident, but my friends had her as a waitress again on their next visit. apparently she was still pretty pissed, and wasted no time with her revenge: when delivering the drink order, she tipped the entire tray of beverages onto the table without so much as an apology.
Tags: *restaurant, lazy worker
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