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On the subject of universities

Two bad service issues, actually:

1.) Until I graduated a few weeks ago, I attended a local, private liberal arts university. This semester, I found out that I'm pregnant but, like many women, had issues during the early pregnancy. I contacted my professors and let them know that I was to be on bed rest for a little while and three out of four were very understanding, helped me arrange for my work to be turned in online or dropped off by my husband at their offices, etc... The fourth professor, a mother of three or four kids herself, was the issue. Not only did I never receive a response to my emails, calls, and my one office visit (she ignored me while I stood in front of her desk, talking instead to her husband on the phone about the tenure meeting she was to attend in order to see if she'd received tenure), she claimed I'd never made any efforts at all (good thing I'd saved the emails). When I returned to class (my husband had dropped off all my work in her office), she said she never saw such work and I fought with her about that (well, started off as a polite discussion which turned to her calling me a liar...went downhill from there). Just when I think things are sorted out, I notice something: there's three of us pregos in class and every one of us is getting shoddy treatment, from "amended" grades (going from B's to C's on presentations, for example, weeks after they were performed) to "missed" office appointments which she claimed we didn't make to downright open rudeness to us in class. However, the "artistic" types who bore a striking resemblance to the professor herself (similar styles of dress, curly hair, glasses, similar literary interest) were skating with minimal effort. Did the three of us pregnant women go to the administration? Why, yes we did. Several times. We finally were able to meet with someone other than the university secretary and stated our case, namely that we felt we were being shafted (heh) for being pregnant. The response? "How Professor A choses to administer her classes is up to her and we're not going to stifle her process." Am I angry? You bet I still am. Her "process" lowered my GPA just enough to put me out of the running for scholarships.

2.) And an admin bad service issue: I received, every semester, a stipend and some grant money. Not a huge amount but to me, very helpful and important. Every semester, it took up to eight weeks past the date of issuance for me to get my check from the university because, and I kid you not, they would claim, every semester, that I was not a registered student while, at the same office visits, telling me the classes I had registered for would be dropped if I didn't register. Bwuh? I'd have written it off as poor communication if it had been just the same person every time and laughed at the odd logic but it was different people, each of them deadly earnest that not only was I not registered but they were going to drop the classes I had registered for.

Thank TPTB that I'm done with that place.

tl;dr: Professor is biased against pregnant women and caused GPA to be lowered. Administration has gordian knot of logic when it comes to what "registered" means.
Tags: school woes
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