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x__wicked__x's recent post inspired me to tell a slightly wtf_service tale that happened around Easter.

Around Easter my boyfriend began developing an ear infection. We headed over to our local pharmacy to pick up some ear drops. My boyfriend picked up a couple of other things, paid and as we left, we began beeping. The cashier asked us both to pass through individually and lo and behold, t'was I that beeped. The cashier continues to pass customers as she interrogates me. She asks me to pass my purse through, and it doesn't beep. I walk through, and it beeps. She asks me about what I could possibly have on me that would beep. By this time, she has stopped serving customers, and they have either piled up (all the while glaring at me) or left to go to another line. I get that it's their job, but by this point it was clearly obvious that a) I had nothing on me (I showed her inside my purse, inside my jacket, etc) and b) that she should have called someone to take me aside and settle it, I could do without the other customers gawking at me.

She repeats the question over and over again, as if the answer will magically change. I had a small jacket on and there was nothing in the pockets. Moments later, a woman flutters past us and ends up beeping, when she glances at the cashier, the cashier tells her it's okay to leave. The cashier turns to her co-worker and says, "what do you we do about this?" The cashier replies with, "I guess we have to let her go. Okay, you can go." And I refuse to go back. I wasn't traumatized, just a little embarrassed.
Tags: anti-theft tags, drug store, post drastically edited, stupid racism
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