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Old rant, but it still annoys me. Mostly because of the assumption that being young and female means I obviously must just be an attention-seeking hypochondriac instead of someone with legitimate medical problems.

Dear presumptuous and rude neurologist,

My doctor referred me to you because I was fainting multiple times per week at the point that she referred me. Telling me that you couldn't see why my doctor referred a "perfectly healthy young woman" to you without even looking at my medical charts before you made that statement was the first sign of suck to come.

However, when you told me that all my problems were all in my head, and "young girls get it into their head that something's wrong with them when they're actually fine", that was obnoxious. I suppose I imagined all of the minor injuries I sustained from falling all the time, hm? Telling me that endometriosis isn't a "real" medical problem, and that "everybody gets migraines" when we eventually discussed my medical history...no. I corrected you on the latter and mentioned that I'd had it formally diagnosed and had a migraine prescription.

Thanks so much for assuming that I was a hypochondriac. For the record, I later went on to be diagnosed with severe hypoglycemia and vasovagal syncope, both of which can cause fainting spells. "There's nothing neurologically wrong with you" would have sufficed, you jerk.

No love,

Tags: *medical/pharmacy, canada, first do no harm?
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