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Adventures with Sprint PCS

Hi everyone. New member here. I found this community while surfing around, and I thought I'd share the letter that I mailed off to Sprint PCS Customer Service today. I really hope that I can find a resolution for these issues.

To Whom It Concerns:

I received my December 13, 2004 - January 12, 2005 Sprint PCS Bill today. I was shocked to see that I had $41.36 in "Additional Usage Charges" on my bill. Upon investigation, I discovered that I had been charged not only for text messaging, but PCS Vision Usage and ringtone downloads.

Why this comes as a shock to me is that on November 17th, 2004, I called Sprint's customer service and requested that Sprint's Premium Vision Services be added to my phone. I was informed by the very helpful woman that I spoke with that it would cost $5/month, and it would begin the same night (within two hours or thereabouts). I was told that it would include a certain number of text messages, PCS Vision usage, $10 worth of ringtone/game downloads, and that it would be free for two months. So I'm sure you can imagine that I was surprised to find these charges. Also, upon further investigation, my November 13 - December 12th also reflects a prorated charge for the Premium Vision Service, in the amount of $4.33, from November 17th forward.

Upon calling your PCS Customer Service center tonight to inquire about these charges, I was told that my PCS Premium Vision package was cancelled on November 17th, 2004 - the same day I ordered it. I did not request this service to be cancelled. If I had done so, I certainly would not have been using all the features that I expected were part of my phone's plan. The customer service representative that I spoke with this evening added this service to my account, but now for $15/month as opposed to the original $5 that I was quoted in November. He also suggested that I should change my password, and that I would be applicable for $7 back on my account. I do not feel that this is an acceptable solution. I feel that I should be credited in the amount of $45.69, which is apparently the cost of the service I -should- have been receiving under the free trial period that was advertised to me over the phone. This includes the overage charges as well as the prorated cost of the Premium Vision Pack from my November 13-December 12 bill.

I am sorely disappointed in the lack of quality customer care I have received on this account since August 2004. I have been a faithful and loyal Sprint customer since October 13, 2001 (although your records may reflect differently due to a legal name change on my part in May 2002), often telling friends and family members how happy I was with your service. Since last summer, Sprint PCS representatives have:

- transferred the liability of my account to my husband's possession when we added on a phone for him. This was done without my permisson, without running a credit check on my SSN to apply for the second phone, and without checking either of our IDs.

-added features and services we did not ask for when we added on the new phone.

- and now this - services cancelled when it was not requested.

The longer this continues, the less faith I have in your company, and the more willing I become to cancel our family accounts and find another cellular service provider.

I am writing this letter to give Sprint an opportunity to correct these mistakes. I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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