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I am not a thief....

(This happened last year. It's late, but I need to get it off my chest.)

So, a little back story, because ya know- it adds to my anger.

I used to work at Torrid. The exact store in fact, in which this event all occured. I was one of the first employee's, and helped to 'set-up' the store before it even opened it's doors. Well, this was about three years ago.

So, I wasn't surprised when I walked into Torrid last summer, to not see any of my previous co-workers. I went with my mother, who is in her 50's, and I in my early 20's. I needed to buy bras, so we went straight to that section, but were not able to, because the manager and a worker were gossiping and talking all about the 'fun' they had te night before. They finally move out of our way, we get the bras, and head to the dressing rooms.

Torrid has this thing that as soon as you are holding one item, they start a dressing room for you.... well they didn't do this for us, and we had to wait for one of the girls to open the dressing room for us. Of course, after she complained to us that she was technically on break. Well, if you could get your manager and friend to stop chit chatting.....

Well, we did not find a bra that worked, so we put them on the hangers and hung them on the go back rack, and go to leave the store. The manager then decides to stop talking, and give us funny looks, and watch us as we leave the store- acting as if we were shop lifting. You know the look. She also seems to be waiing to see if we send of the alarms, with a disgusted face. So then my mother and I are standing a little out of the store down the hall a little, trying to figure out which way sears was. Well, guess who walks out of the store, and stares us down, in middle of the mall? Yup- the manager. Mind you, she hasn't said a single word to us the entire time.

So after our trip to sears my mother is still furious. So she goes in and gets the number for her district manager, and the manager refused to give it to her. Well, being an ex-employee, I had the number.

The DM apologized multiple times, and even called my mother back twice so she could get the full story and document it against the manager, because she couldn't believe she would do that. She also told us she would send us gift cards to apologize, and how she wasn't surprised we were livid. Well, I was pretty happy, and my mother as well, who was in shock that my old store would practically accuse her of stealing.  She didn't have to send my gift cards, but it was still a nice gesture.

Well, one year later- and I never recieved those gift cards. I guess it was a nice attempt to make up for the sm, but still......
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